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  1. Pandemonium

    The Good News thread

    Great news Beanie! Had to laugh at your post being the last (maybe LOL) on page 666..yepp..demented humour here! :lol-sign: That being said, benefits that are affordable, have been the dream we've chased for years and luckily hubby was finally contracted into his job.. and we have.. drs...
  2. Pandemonium

    Wedding band help!

    I thought I'd posted this last week, but apparently it flew the coop LOL Try this site..has half sizes, they are titanium, with a copper coloured inlay.. not sure if the inlay is copper or coloured titanium.. not a bad price either!
  3. Pandemonium

    Most Bizarre/Senseless Dog Products You've Seen Uhm..yah..:lol-sign:
  4. Pandemonium

    I have a dilemma

    Has she tried two different cat boxes? Some cats are insistant on having 2, one for each job (our two cats have 3 boxes, but generally only use the 2), and try unscented litter too. Moving the box to a completely different area, away from his food may help, as well as having the boxes out of...
  5. Pandemonium

    Word usage - Pet peeves

    Grammy was the first to welcome me here at Chaz. Every time I see one of the older threads bumped, and I see her name, it's like time has stood still and she's still here with us. I think it's her way of staying in our hearts and minds.
  6. Pandemonium

    Hospital Bag..

    Also, a comfy pillow and blanket from home for you. The pillows and blankets provided at the hospital were impossibly thin, small and definately not cosy for sleeping/resting. Didn't see them mentioned, but receiving blankets for the learning curve of breastfeeding. They're light, yet comfy...
  7. Pandemonium

    Elevated bathing stand for in tub?

    Friend uses a small pine end table she got for free on Kijiji. She actually cut the legs lower as it seemed a bit too high with her border collie standing on it. Throw a towel over the top for grip, and wash away! Bernie fits nicely on our teak shower bench, but we have a relatively flat...
  8. Pandemonium

    Arghhhh forgot to thaw the Thanksgiving Turkey!!

    But...but..but..probably too late now, but what about the neck and giblet bag that are normally shoved in the middle? Some people, me being one ;), are decidedly anti-giblet taste, which will be imparted to your turkey if you cook it with them in. The sink full of room temp/cold water is about...
  9. Pandemonium

    How to catch a bat

    "The White Lady: A Delighful History of a Rare Albino Bat" by Leonard Dubkin.. thanks for the memory jog Smkie.. long ago favourite book of mine, even though bats in the house are something I'd rather forget!
  10. Pandemonium

    It's Gettin' Hot in Herrrre

    I have no idea Kaydee! Here at my doggy daycare, we've stocked up on super cheap popsicles, the type for kids of all ages.. orange is going down a treat right now! For those that are more particular, we take low sodium chicken stock, and freeze it in cubes or paper cups, and dole them out...
  11. Pandemonium

    Ooops etiquette

    Well Kaydee, I agree with Cali and Renee..I've been broadsided on more than one occasion, from the side, from behind, and stumbled over a smaller pack of dog park dogs. I too am not the smallest woman on the planet, and generally end up apologizing to the dog that smacked into me! There is...
  12. Pandemonium

    Bernie Pic's

    Thanks you two. Vodawolph is my husband, and Bernie's bestest person ever. I wanted a dog, wanted a dog of my own..yah well.. my dog's in love with hubby LOL. They're two peas in a's hard to believe that Voda would cross the road a few years ago if a dog barked at he's off...
  13. Pandemonium

    Name that Pup! Poll!!!

    Whatever floats your boat ;)..Marina or Siren, but not a Nixie..which is too easy to shorten to Nix, and we all know what Nix is for!
  14. Pandemonium

    Suggestions for our Equipment?

    We had a similar issue with an A-Frame at a dog daycare, where we worried about the hinge/gap at the top. We solved it with a piece of foam that you can get at the hardware store for wrapping copper pipes so they don't freeze. Ours came in 4', 6' and I think 8' sections. It was super easy to...
  15. Pandemonium

    jewel bear in labor?

    smkie..just a quick update on Jewel..not sure if you're still watching, but she apparently had twin cubs this morning! Just checked the feed, but she must be a tired momma, can't see the cubs, or much of her. Hope all goes well for her and her babies.
  16. Pandemonium

    Would you rather live somewhere warm or cold?

    Well, as a displaced person from BC here in Canada, to the snowbelt of Ontario, I can tell you, I still prefer the rain, but if I have to pick weather here, I'll take the cold. Anything over 25C, and I'm a melted mess. Mind you, today it's -22 (-8F) with a windchill of -29 (-20F), at least...
  17. Pandemonium

    Things that you shouldn't be scared of but are anyway..

    The dark, CLOWNS!!, creepy crawly insects that are likely or not even likely LOL, to jump off the wall, and bury themselves in my hair, or in my clothes. Surprises :eek:freak me.. any surprise is not a good surprise!
  18. Pandemonium

    lucy + nado

    PW..around here we use..oh the horrors.. margarine! Not butter, but good old margarine for things like pine tree sap, road tar or whatever else finds it's way onto Bernie's fur/pads/toe fur. I use it on my hands during firewood season, or brush cutting time. Seems to work like a charm. Rub...
  19. Pandemonium

    I got a dog!

    Had to laugh at this.. way, way too many Charlies at our day care too! Only one Duke, but between Bailleys and Charlies, I'm always confused!
  20. Pandemonium

    What came in the mail today?

    OT I know're so very lucky Baxters! Lovely job smkie! What a terrific "heirloom of the future" to find in the mailbox!