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    Pics of Sunny and Daisy (image heavy)

    AW! They're so cute.....Thanks for sharing :D
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    The Likes and Dislikes Thread

    Fav. Color -- Red Fav. Sport -- Surfing (but, only the web!) Fav. Non-Sport Hobby -- Reading, Shopping, etc. Fav. Band/Artist -- Evanesence, 3 doors down, Nickelback, and there are more, but I don't want to list them all :D Overall Things That You Love -- all of you here at Chazhound...
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    Hercules at the training school

    I wouldn't send my puppies away for three months, personally. And, I certainly wouldn't let someone else teach them to bite. JMO. Eight months old seems a bit young to me :confused:
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    Haha...I love the white ones LOL. But, not over a fire; it turns into sugary goo!! I eat them right outta the bag :D
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    hmm what to do heeeelp

    The forum doesn't have PM??? Darn...Maybe you could ask her to e-mail you, and give your e-mail address. I'd set up a fake hotmail account, so you're not putting your personal e-mail out all over the net :D
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    :D Congrats!! :D
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    She's Coming!!!!

    YAY! So exciting!!! :D
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    good poem

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    Some people...

    OMG, I hate people like that :mad:
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    Very good Nedim. That's why you belong here!
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    Hercules at the training school

    What kind of training do they do there?
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    trying to decide when the time is right to let a loved one go

    Aw, I'm so sorry. I know how you feel; I lost my elderly ferret in Feb., I lost my oldest cat a month or two later, in June, I lost Wiggie, my "heart cat". A couple of weeks ago, I lost my second ferret, Gypsy. And now, Bear will be leaving me, as well, because I have decided to re-home him...
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    My banners

    Oh, LOL I picked the first one :D
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    My banners

    I love it :D Except, I can't get into my sig :confused: I put the tags on either side of the URL, but all I got was a red X. LOL How do I fix it?
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    Ah, don't feel bad Fran. Beethoven's going to school next month at PetsMart. He's horrid around other dogs :rolleyes: but likes people. He was socialized as a pup, because I took him and Bear to work with me. Tips will be fine :D
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    $35.00??? You've got to be kidding me! Beethoven's neuter alone cost $150. And, then add another fifty because he had laser surgery.... They managed to charge another ten bucks for his pain meds (which he didn't need; he wouldn't be jumping into the air if he was in pain), and then 14 bucks for...
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    Last pictures I took of Mack

    Aw! Mack is a beautiful boy...You did the right thing finding him home where everyone was safest! I know you'll miss him, but, he's in good hands.
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    Half Dachshund half great dane

    Did you mean to say "intelligent"??? The first picture you posted H, looks a regular Doxie, and the second looks like a JRT/Doxie, or just plain ol' JRT. I know someone with a red JRT, and that photo looks just like her. H, this isn't the kind of thing we do here; why don't you find a forum...
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    Iris has a new home

    You're not a bad person, Pits, as everyone at Chazhound knows!!! I'm glad Iris has a good home! Let us know how it goes!!