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  1. Scratch My Back, And I Scratch yours!

    Scratch My Back, And I Scratch yours!

    Even at 8 weeks old, she sure loved them back scratches, and she is now about to pay up! Has anyone ever taught a dog to give back scratches yet? Let me know! Wouldn't that be awesome!? LOL!
  2. Mini Schnauzer Snowmen

    Mini Schnauzer Snowmen

    "But I don't wanna come in, I will lose my friends!" "Isar Chief's Lil' MSChief" about 5 months old (Chief's Deputy Dawg's wife) I've never seen a dog love to make snowmen (snowballs) like her before!!! Sad ending...her friends melted, but they showered together before...
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    Dog Poetry

    How can I post pictures with an awesome story here?
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    Help Me!!

    Doesn't sound like YOU are a dog lover, just a "collector" ...of piles!
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    What breed

    Why is it everyone can post what's on their mind but I cannot, even when my post is MUCH helpful??? Why is my photos removed from my upload that were there all year, and why can't I contact Chazhound through email???????? WHAT IS GOING ON???
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    Help Me!!

    Go ahead waste your time on so many dogs out there, but if you ever have a chance at living around/with a "true" Miniature Schnauzer, you will never look at another dog breed again! GUARANTEE!!! They are "The most affectionate dog in the world" (they do something for your heart that other dogs...
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    Dog Memorials

    Save the ashes, wait until our website opens for business, our prices will range from $100.00 - 300.00. You are very welcome. I have lost a most precious baby and with my talent have fulfilled my desire, and wish to reach our to others in need as I was...I understand. Marie
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    Dog Memorials

    Urns I HAVE BEEN IN THE PROCESS of setting up a website for of my most precious features is our urns that are the exact as possible look as your pet! Send as many pics of the pet for best possible designing, and we (handmake with TLC) create an 8 -10" ceramic figurine...
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    Comment by 'ChiefWIFEcopMOM' in media 'Santa's Little Schnauzers'

    Come on, get some more of them on here! I love these little guys!
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    Really Wierd Dog And His Water Behavior

    The breed loves water! These are dogs that are bred with an association to water, meaning, they love (or long) to be in or near the water. Even if one of the breeds that your dog has in him has this quality. My dog is a mini schnauzer, he prefers to avoid water altogether, would rather...
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    Comment by 'ChiefWIFEcopMOM' in media 'Ringo The Bulldog'

    The rating system is for honesty, well, I am just being honest. Absolutely no offense, but What an ugly beast! Is there anyone else that wonders this as I am wondering? Seriously, what good is this dog? How gross If I was a child, I'd have unending nightmares (and daymares) after viewing...
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    Comment by 'ChiefWIFEcopMOM' in media 'Emma'

    Sooo cute, picture perfect timing! and good setting! When I had a Boxer (growing up), it was always bigger than me! Her name was Genie, Geanie? Ge...oh well, I could spell then! Now? my parents are so old they wouldn't remember how it was spelt! LOL
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    Comment by 'ChiefWIFEcopMOM' in media 'Drinking Problem?'

    I know a dog "Gus" whose breed is bigger than your dog Shiva's breed, and at 7 weeks he was not much bigger than the average bucket (Shiva looks like about 3 buckets). A dog that big (Shiva), compared to that couch, can't be 7 weeks, you must have meant 7 months for sure! Is there anyone else...
  14. MY squeaky toy

    MY squeaky toy

    For many weeks we couldn't get him to bark, but when he finally did, he sounded just like a squeaky toy...and we laughed!
  15. The Stud Cupid

    The Stud Cupid

    "Aaah...puppy breath!" Nothing like it. He just loves, and loves and loves, and then he loves to give kisses too, even tried to lick the camera! This offspring bring so much love into our world. It's no wonder the Schnauzer books say they are the world's "most affectionate...
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    Chief's "Deputy" Dawg (AKC Miniature Schnauzer)

    Is it possible to delete any post or "threads"?
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    Comment by 'ChiefWIFEcopMOM' in media 'Santa's Little Schnauzers'

    Are they the Standard size? I use to have that size, "Stashu" he died after 14-1/2 years last June, tore our hearts out, these dogs are sooo beautiful inside and out, always like puppies and sooo sweet and smart too. These two for breeding? What a wonderful pair...husband and wife! ...and horny too!
  18. Heart_Winner


    Schnauzer Books profess them to be the "most affectionate dog" and "The dog with the human brain" (for 48 yrs. I've known sooo many breeds of dogs, but this one I sure know what they mean). Been said, "Elizabeth Taylor is the only human known to be born with purple...
  19. Santa...Dog Tired!

    Santa...Dog Tired!

    This is our Miniature Schnauzer "Chief's Deputy Dawg" AKC. He was our Christmas Present...about 10 weeks old here.
  20. Chief's "Deputy" Dawg

    Chief's "Deputy" Dawg

    He is the sweetest, lovingest, and smartest little pet anyone could ever ask for! The Miniature Schnauzer for ya!