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  1. sassafras

    Let's Be Controversial

    "People were fine before this" = people never stood up for themselves before this.
  2. sassafras

    Let's Be Controversial

    Unless you also want lesbians banned from the locker room this is a BS argument.
  3. sassafras

    Let's Be Controversial

    If you are seeing someone else's junk in a woman's bathroom, then YOU are the creep, lol. I've never in my life caught even a flash of anyone's parts. How in god's name would you even know what parts someone in the stall next to you had unless you looked on purpose? Time to make all...
  4. sassafras

    Let's Be Controversial

    Christ not this again.
  5. sassafras

    Let's Be Controversial

    Preach it. Also nails.
  6. sassafras

    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT (lowercase)
  7. sassafras

    Let's Be Controversial

    I don't care for merle very much.
  8. sassafras

    Let's Be Controversial

    I hate closed stud books. Outcrossing for all! Crossbreeding doesn't bother me. I think companionship is a perfectly legitimate job and a good enough reason to breed all by itself.
  9. sassafras

    Let's Be Controversial

    I love doodles!
  10. sassafras

    Need advice: I think my doctor violated HIPAA laws

    What are you basing this on?
  11. sassafras

    Need advice: I think my doctor violated HIPAA laws

    What are you hoping to gain by reporting him? Would you rather he have just turned you over to collections? Reporting him is going to keep this situation in your life for some time to come, and if the principal of the thing is important enough to you for that to happen then by all means look...
  12. sassafras

    Spin off: have you ever adopted/kept a dog using your heart exclusively?

    Pretty much every dog I've ever had, lol. Except Toast. I did have a good long think about Toast. Still mostly heart, though.
  13. sassafras

    Those with multiple dogs...

    Pip does not really play. He'll occasionally join in a short game of chase but he's just not the kind of dog who plays at all, ever. The youngsters, though, will play with each other almost forever. They mostly play chase and wrestle, plus Toast & Maisy love to tug although Squash isn't...
  14. sassafras

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Aw I love doodles and cockapoos
  15. sassafras

    What does your family think of your dogs?

    My dad adores all the dogs of the world, but he and Pip especially have a mutual admiration society going. My mom tolerates dogs but doesn't love them. She does like Pip, though, because he's quiet. The others are a bit too rambunctious for her. My MIL and FIL also love all dogs. They live...
  16. sassafras

    Favorite leash clip?

    I like trigger snaps, but I don't really have anything against bolt snaps either.
  17. sassafras

    Service dog networking/community

    Ok this actually made me laugh.
  18. sassafras

    The Venting Thread

    And yet you are too afraid of a very small chance of something bad happening to want to accept desperate people into your state. That IS cowardly. That your father is continuing to be brave in the face of a risk has very little to do with what YOU are advocating here, which is turning people in...
  19. sassafras

    The Venting Thread

    Locking your door at night is nothing like turning away refugees. NOTHING. Stop making up BS analogies that dehumanize people and minimize their suffering. These people have nothing, sometimes not even their own families. That's nothing, NOTHING like a burglar lurking outside your door at night...