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  1. jackie_A

    Comment by 'jackie_A' in media 'What did I do'

    Princess is gorgeous what breed is she?
  2. jackie_A

    Comment by 'jackie_A' in media 'Misty meet her bigger sister'

    LOL How cute thats what happened when i introduced my dane to my maltese x... They look like theyll be fine togther they just need time. Is Casey a Keeshond and is Misty the golden retreiver? Or am I completly wrong..... lol
  3. jackie_A

    Comment by 'jackie_A' in media 'WHAT?'

    lol nuthing hes just extremely SPOLIED!
  4. WHAT?


    This is Lucky eating hes new bone. I kept trying to pry him away so I could get a proper photo you know one with out hes mouth engolfing the bone but he wouldnt listen....
  5. Do these make my feet look big.

    Do these make my feet look big.

    These are the slippers I boguth when i visited the u.s and went to disney world so I thought they would look funny on my dog.... He looks happy doesnt he (says sarcastically)
  6. jackie_A

    Zeus lol Can you Say problem Child?

    Oh lol isnt that cute in a naughty way :) Your huskys are gorgeous and Zeus sounds like a real character. Great story. :p
  7. jackie_A

    Important Question....

    :cool: Hey Renee, Thanks for the advise. The thing was I did cross the street. I was walking on the other side of the street and they man was putting hes rubbish out. I saw the little chi barking through the window and i thought sure as hell this dog is going to get out I was on the otherside...
  8. jackie_A

    Hello fellow dog lovers!!!

    Lol thankyou. Hes hair normally doesnt stick up like that but when him and Lucky play Lucky loves to nibble hes face. And lick hes head so hes saliva kinda acts like a doggie hair gel. When they play people think hes attacking him because hes so big but in reality Big instegates it. Anyway...
  9. jackie_A

    Important Question....

    I read somewhere that if you own an agressive dog and your dog is restrained and another dog smaller or maybe larger unrestrained tries to approach or attack your dog you are allowed to do what you can to keep it away. So I'll ask this question? If you were to walk your dog big or small and...
  10. jackie_A

    dumb question

    LOL AWW THANKS! But big is the little one LOL!!! Lucky is the dane thanks again though hehhehe
  11. jackie_A

    The person below me ...

    False I hate sports Lol!!! Every time someone is watching them I leave the room. The person below me likes to draw or is an art fan.....
  12. jackie_A

    dumb question

    When I take Lucky out to the park he collapses on the grass and rolls in it he scratches hes body and its sort of him saying hes happy. Maybe your dog is just enjoying hes toys? :confused:
  13. jackie_A

    Hello fellow dog lovers!!!

    Hello everybody I'm not really new to this site. But I thought I'd introduce myself and my lovely boys. I own a great dane hes name is Lucky I rescued him from the shelter the day I came to visit him was the day he was going to be put down. :( Because no one wanted him b/c of hes size and...
  14. jackie_A

    what breed?

    You want a breed that will protect and is not to large. There are many dogs that will guard you even the smallest but if your looking for a medium to large breed dog here a few suggestions, 1) German shepard: they can easily be trained for guard/security work and have a natural instict to...
  15. jackie_A

    identify this puppy!

    I'd say maybe a german shepard cross chow or maybe akita cross shepard. He is very cute.
  16. Lucky and Big

    Lucky and Big

    This is Lucky my great dane and Big my maltese cross this is the only time where they arent moving so I thought I'd take a picture.
  17. Can't a dog sleep in peace.

    Can't a dog sleep in peace.

    This is Lucky my gd he doesnt usually sleep upside down so i thought id make fun of him and take a picture.
  18. jackie_A

    What if I dont get a puppy?

    I rescued my great dane from a shelter. Adults or puppies they will give you the same unconditional love. However saying this it seems that the adult dogs are more aware of thier surroundings meaning that they realise you rescued them I don't know it just seems like they do. There more...
  19. jackie_A

    Comment by 'jackie_A' in media 'Roxi our Great Dane'

    LOL Its ok I can bear with you when my dane decides he wants the couch he wants the couch. He either sits on your lap till your legs go numb or he sits on the couch and stretches out pushing you off. Or if those two options dont work he puts hes head on your lap till you let him on. He looks at...
  20. Look what I bought!

    Look what I bought!

    This is my great dane Lucky I have a few pictures up of him but I think this one is funny. He loves hes puppy friend and they are inseperable.