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    Not new, but old.....

    I sent you a PM!
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    Muzzle for our American Bulldog

    Petco has Baskerville's in stock, you can also get them online from retailers like Chewy.
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    Muzzle for our American Bulldog

    Baskerville muzzles are nice, they allow the dog to take treats and pant while wearing it while still keeping everyone safe.
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    Air bound Schipperke

    I haven't flown with an animal, but we have a few clients at work that do, if that may be helpful.
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    Looking to adopt- Aussie and Great Dane Mix? Farm Dog

    I think with any mixed breed, really, you'll be taking a gamble on workability. For a large, imposing dog presence to keep critters away and to make people think twice about approaching your property, I'd say the dog will do just fine. Most dogs would. ;) But for actual livestock work (herding...
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    Hello Everyone!

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    New look

    There is a quick reply!!!!! O_o The layout is a bit odd on my phone (99.9% of my web activity), but I'm sure I'll get used to it. (OMG. It saves your writing as a draft. No more novels only to have them die!)
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    Your Dog/s Bedtime/Wakeup Time

    This. Lol They're normally ready to sleep by 10-11pm. Abrams is ready to get up by 7. Cynder would sleep in til forever if we did.
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    Let's Be Controversial

    I think grain inclusive, yes, even CORN inclusive, foods can be just as healthy and good for a dog than a grain free food. I don't care about people breeding dogs for companions. I don't even care about people breeding a line of "watered down" dogs of a certain breed in order to make good...
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    Gusto's DNA Test

    Thinking there was Boston in there wasn't such a bad guess then. Haha Cattle Dog seems odd, but I'd buy it.
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    Costco Kirklands food

    I've never fed it, but I know quite a few people have and recommend it.
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    Can't access from my computer?

    This is what I have to do as well. Which is very annoying and part of why I haven't been as active here lately!
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    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    Cynder: polite, reserved, simple Abrams: happy goofy asshole
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    Gusto's DNA Test

    Border Collie, Rat Terrier....Boston? Lol He reminds me a LOT of my cousins "Brat Terriers".
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    Your family + your pets

    We split things pretty evenly. I do the grooming, medical care, and shopping for food/toys/supplies. I predominantly train. He exercises them, feeds them when I ask, plays with them, and enforces rules/helps "rule" train. We both clean up messes and he'll brush them between the grooming...
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    Soooooo glad I am not the only one. LOL Well, DH built the PC. I just game. I also love to read and I've been playing the piano for the past 19 years. I've dabbled in creative writing, but I have a hard time actually following through with my ideas.
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    What was your first experience with your favorite breed?

    I don't really have a "favorite" breed. I'm drawn to retriever types, mainly because of my childhood dog. We adopted him when I was 5? and he was our best bud. Whenever we were outside playing, riding bikes, going down to the creek and catching crawdads, coming home from school...he'd be right...
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    The Truth will be Discovered

    Yah. Kind of makes me wonder if the dad was like a Chi/Chin mix or something and just had a smooth coat cs long, but that coat showed up in the pups? Don't even know if that's possible. Lol
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    The Truth will be Discovered

    Chihuahua/Pug with some Pomeranian or something like a Japanese Chin/English Toy Spaniel/Tibetan Spaniel?
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    Please send good vibes :(

    All the healing vibes. Hope he's doing alright.