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    Can i post asking for help with a transport somewhere on here? Wasn't sure if it was allowed on the forum! Thanks!
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    Microchip question

    Ace, Dutchess, Roxy, and Gunner have home again. We did the updating for several years before someone said hey you dont have to do that! I can still update my info. Kiley, however has 24 hr pet watch, they will NOT update her info unless i pay every year and they are quite rude about it...
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    How are your dogs with cats?

    Ace, Dutchess, Roxy, and Gunner are fine with cats. They are interested, but are good. Kiley I do not know, she pretty much ignores my mom's cats when we go over, but has never lived with them. Quinn and Vanna have not had much exposure, but are interested, they want to chase them. Don't know...
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    What do you vaccinate for?

    Parvo and Distemper as puppies, reboost at 1 year. Rabies every 3 years.
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    Meet Jentry!

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    Sports people- Choosing your dog

    How important was doing well in your chosen sport to choosing your dog? How would you rank sporting ability vs other desired traits in your dog (size, looks, other companion qualities) I wanted a dog that I could show and course. And hopefully go on to breed if I desired, however had the dog...
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    The Good News thread

    Miss Vanna earns another Best In Field lure coursing this past weekend!
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    What are you currently feeding?

    Currently feeding raw. Not sure how much everyone eats exactly, dont measure it out anymore, they just get portions!
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    Is 10 weeks too long with Breeder?

    of course!!
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    Is 10 weeks too long with Breeder?

    Quinn came home a little over 10 weeks, originally he was supposed to come home around 13 weeks, but I got impatient and went ahead and drove to KY to meet my breeder. It worked great, and he was so happy and outgoing!! I would wait till at least 10 weeks for another puppy, and if we have pups...
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    Our Barn Hunt/Swimming weekend photos

    love them all!!
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    Sunflower Cluster 2014 - Who's coming?!

    Was so great to meet you! Congrats again on obedience!! your boy ran great!!
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    Sunflower Cluster 2014 - Who's coming?!

    Us! We are driving down Thursday. Assisting with CAT Friday, then Rally and coming back to help with CAT. Confirmation on Saturday morning, then all 3 of mine are entered in the LC trial. Confirmation on Sunday, and all 3 of mine are entered in the LC trial.
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    Coursing Ability Tests

    I would say if you have any doubt, take her to the event and let her watch. Ask them if you could run a short fun run just to see if she likes it, so you can have Someone let her go and have her running towards you.
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    Chaz puppies of 2013

    My 2013 puppies at 15 months old, they are growing too fast!
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    Raw bones for tartar?

    We did raw bones for Courtney's teeth, hers were NASTY, I got alot of it off with the raw bones, but not all of it. So we did do a dental, it was quick and easy, she came home bouncing like normal..just with super clean teeth!
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    Why did you alter your dog?

    Mine were done for birth control/convience. My 2 younger ones are intact and will for awhile
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    The musing thread

    Thank you! I'm so proud of him!
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    The musing thread

    Quinn passed his CGC this weekend :D