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  1. Bailey08

    Road-trip Advice

    How often does he ride in the car? You may want to try to desensitize him by driving him around more. If you're going to medicate, try that in advance too (B had a paradoxical reaction to Xanax, and I know people can have that reaction to Benedryl). Bailey stresses out on long car trips and...
  2. Bailey08

    Things you wish you had taught you dog earlier?

    Self-control has been the A-#1 focus this past year. And Miss Grace is still a work in progress, though at a year old, finally so much better! Love relaxation protocol and place work for this. And she had to learn to be bored, which is still often a challenge. :) Her recall is pretty...
  3. Bailey08

    Breed type tally thread.

    Adding another mix and a golden (the first!?!) to the list ********************************************* 65 x Mixed Breed Herding 3 x Australian Cattle Dog 1 x Australian Kelpie 1 x Australian Koolie 9 x Australian Shepherd 2 x Beauceron 6 x Belgian Malinois 1 x Belgian Tervuren...
  4. Bailey08

    Mia......... ugh

    I brought a N2N for Grace, who is crated daily (wire crate, no issues), when we traveled for the holidays. Grace kept opening the zippers (my N2N had clips for the tabs, which worked, except that she figured out the you didn't need them to open a zipper when you can just pop it open in the...
  5. Bailey08

    Election Results

    THIS, exactly.
  6. Bailey08

    Yo crate cover people!

    It's not fancy, but I'm using this one: (Mine is navy.) I like it because you can roll (and velcro) up the sides and top (there's mesh fabric on the...
  7. Bailey08

    Separation Anxiety? Worrying? Why now...

    Definitely agree that anxiety can come with age, and that it can change over time (e.g., SA, noise phobia). Poor baby -- that is no fun at all. :(
  8. Bailey08


    Have you tried all of the typical environmental stuff? Extra antioxidants and fish oil? Is he on raw now (and is that any more affordable than duck)? Maybe something in here will help? (There's an allergies heading and a "skin problems" heading.) Poor...
  9. Bailey08

    Voicing Opinions on Breeders?

    I'm no expert, but the breeders I've really connected with do not badmouth other breeders (unless something accidentally slips out! ;)). Of course, *I* would love to know all of their thoughts about other breeders, PC or not, but I totally respect that approach and think it's the appropriate...
  10. Bailey08

    A brag for Frodo.

    That is so fantastic!!! I am so happy for you both!
  11. Bailey08

    Do people guess your dog's age wrong?

    People generally assume that Bailey is younger. He's a really happy boy (though we sometimes have to deal with anxiety in public now) and he has a puppy face and long skinny legs. And I am a weirdo because it makes me very happy that people thing he's so young. And, god, I hope everyone...
  12. Bailey08

    they're falling apart

    I'm so, so sorry. You have my sincere empathy and I'm hoping for the best for both Buzz and Bailey. When we heard from Dr. Dodds that B appears to be hypothyroid (we still have to recheck after he's been on meds for a while), I basically fell apart for an entire (work) day. Not because of...
  13. Bailey08

    Tell me what we should do in this situation

    The most power you have right now is in the threat of a contractor's lien on their house. (It's like a mechanic's lien but this context.) I don't know much about the process itself except that they're really easy to get and are scary to (rational) people. You shouldn't need a lawyer for that...
  14. Bailey08

    Got a new leather collar and leash!

    I liked him, too, and his wife! I thought they were really nice. :)
  15. Bailey08

    How young is too young to spay & neuter?

    I don't disagree with you at all. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a link, tbh. And, as I said, I wish B hadn't been neutered so early; I certainly wouldn't sterilize before maturity again. I also think that you and I may be focused on different things -- with your dogs, athletic...
  16. Bailey08

    How young is too young to spay & neuter?

    I didn't giggle or denigrate -- I said that those weren't factors that influenced *my* decision-making and thought process. I have a 4 yo male with a host of health issues and a 7 mo old female who is at a heightened risk for cancer. Small penises (though B's seems normal enough to me) and...
  17. Bailey08

    Rescue dog snobbery?

    I think people can be kind of sensitive (possibly oversensitive) about this topic, too. I've seen it with myself! People assumed that my second dog, Grace, would be a rescue, because Bailey (clearly!) is -- and I can tell that "rescuers" have been surprised and maybe even taken aback to...
  18. Bailey08

    How young is too young to spay & neuter?

    Haha, Sally, I read through the thread and kept clicking "quote" on your posts -- so I'll just say that I agree with much of what you've said. :) Frankly, I couldn't care less about the size or state of my dog's genitalia or coat or legginess (except and only to the extent that it causes...
  19. Bailey08

    Collars that don't rub

    They worry you because you worry about strength? Grace is (still!) a crazy little scavenger on walks (stubborn teenage girl and as strong as a ~40 lb determined puppy can be), and I don't have any concerns about it holding up. And it's super lightweight. I also really don't like heavy...
  20. Bailey08

    Collars that don't rub

    Mine have rolled leather collars from here: They are my first leather collars, but seem pretty nice. Grace (puppy golden) has the "fine round" and Bailey has the regular one.