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  1. Stage Dragon

    Another Dragon Cave thread!

    I need to get back into dragons - so fun! I started with dragons and used to advertise my cyber dogs on a dragon newsletter, LOL, before cyber dogs took off :) Hence the handle Stage Dragon :D
  2. Stage Dragon

    A Breeders Thoughts

    All I can say is AMEN!
  3. Stage Dragon

    The Dekklet Diaries.....

    I love your avatar! Ha, ha, ha! That's great! Sparkly :)
  4. Stage Dragon

    Husky PUPPEHS!!!! :D

    And wow! I can't imagine actually keeping an entire litter, though I have been tempted, ROFL, how did that work out?
  5. Stage Dragon

    Husky PUPPEHS!!!! :D

    Cute babies! Yes, the teenage stage with huskies is nuts, LOL! Cheyenne was such a calm little puppy, didn't last long, ha, ha!
  6. Stage Dragon

    What breeds do you see in Upendi?

    O would say GSD/Husky mix too, she looks pretty typical of what I have seen of that cross :) Pretty girl!
  7. Stage Dragon

    Sealyham drawings

    Art is subjective. There are no rules to speak of. Some of the most successful artists didn't follow the rules and started their own genres. I really think unschooled art is so refreshing, when one gets all this education, they start to look like everyone else's. I had to unschool myself. I had...
  8. Stage Dragon

    Sealyham drawings

    These are very mod and cool! Thicken the lines and add some color or go black and white pen and ink and I think these babies might sell. I am not a big fan of realism though, so many people do realism, it's refreshing to see someone else who stylizes their art :) Here's one of my sealie...
  9. Stage Dragon

    How many of you are artists for a living??

    Me! Me! Me! LOL I mostly sell my prints on eBay, I also do portraits for people. I sell at few galleries and pet boutiques too. I have lots of citter models that hang out with me :)
  10. Stage Dragon

    New ball python painting

    Sweet! That is awesome! I love snakes!!
  11. Stage Dragon

    Studio Stage Dragon - Funky Dog Art

    Studio Stage Dragon Dog Art with a whimsical twist of lime and a dash of cinnamon by Artist Kimberly Helgeson Sams Art Prints available in most breeds. We are also adding tiles and coffee mugs, and if you don't see something, just ask we probably have it or can come up with it :lol-sign: I...
  12. Stage Dragon

    Designer Dog Style

    Designer Dog StyleThis is a blog for information on all things pertaining to dogs and fashion and pet friendly decorating. There is even a dog friendly shopping guide :) I am also looking for guest bloggers if anyone is inerested.
  13. Stage Dragon

    Chazmember pet portrait artists

    Kimberly Helgeson Sams - Studio Stage Dragon Pet Portraits in Acrylic, Oil, or Pastel. Any size. Prices vary. Contact me through my website or eBay (links are in signature) or just PM me here. I usally work from photos that are either emailed or snail mailed :)
  14. Stage Dragon

    the daily sketch

    Latest Sketch :rofl1: Do Belgian Tervurens Have Martinis? the latest in my Martini Dogs :)
  15. Stage Dragon

    New to Forum :)

    This looks like a fun forum to share our fur kids, and art and photography, etc. all revolving around our furk kids of course :) I am mom to shelties: Jeb, Falisha, Nadia, Kiara, KJ, Lana, Ava, and Megan, and my newest, soon to come home Tsunami, and 1 siberian husky: Cheyenne :) who is a...