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  1. mamasobuco

    Argh, help!!

    My Buddy does that this time of the year too. He is allergic to something and I have to take him to the vet. They give me a spray for his feet. Clears it up in about a week. I've read about this same thing on other forums too. PS: He isn't doing it this year yet because his front feet...
  2. mamasobuco

    Why Does Western Medicine Make It Like Pregnancy Is A Disease??

    I don't get how olive oil would keep muscle from ripping. I could see a massage loosening up the muscle a little but the olive oil wouldn't penetrate the skin enough to loosen muscle. Also, my friend who got the 4th degree tear was in heavy labor for 2 and a half hours and her baby came out...
  3. mamasobuco

    Why Does Western Medicine Make It Like Pregnancy Is A Disease??

    This is a huge generalization Jesse. I have a friend who should have had c-sections both times with her kids and her doctor didn't do it. She ended up getting ripped so badly she had to have reconstructive surgery. My mother should have had c-sections with both me and my brother. We both...
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    I took my 14 yr old nephew to see it today and it was a blast!!! My mom liked it too. Yea it was a little cheesey but if you go see it just for the fun of it, you'll love it!
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    Why Does Western Medicine Make It Like Pregnancy Is A Disease??

    Being pregnant at 39, I am thankful for any test that checks up on my baby's health. Although, I would not have taken an amniocentisis if my quad test came back unfavorable. I'm not afraid of having a baby with Downs. But, I will take as many ultrasounds that my doctor is willing to give me...
  6. mamasobuco

    Can Benadryl make dog hyper?

    When I was a kid I took liquid Benadryl for my alergies. It gave me tons of energy. Now one pill puts me to sleep. We use it for a sleep aid every now and again if we need one. I guess everyone is different. Sorry.
  7. mamasobuco

    I'm getting induced in 45 mins

    I hope all is well!!! I went for my ultrasound last week to find out what we're having and I was a nervous wreck! I can only imagine how you are/were feeling. Many prayers and doggie kisses in hopes for the best.
  8. mamasobuco

    How much do you tip?

    I didn't think you were supposed to either. :yikes: When we eat out I tip 20% if the service was above average. Which in my experience is about 90% of the time. 15% if it was just average and 0-10% if the server was rude.
  9. mamasobuco

    Pics of our new mini Goldendoodle

    I don't get it!!! When I was a kid mixed breeds like cockapoos, peekapoos, and the like were mutts and were usually 'free to a good home' or $50 each to try to get some of the money back spent on vet bills. They were the kind of dogs people in my neighborhood had because they either rescued...
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    My vet told me that large dogs have much more problems with their dew claws than small dogs. I wouldn't think your pups would need them removed. I would talk to your vet first. There are arguements either way. Some people think they need them for better traction when running. On the other...
  11. mamasobuco

    Help with breeding please

    Thanks Summit. I mean every word. It's the best thing I've done and I HIGHLY recommend it.
  12. mamasobuco

    Help with breeding please

    I have a puppy problem. I just love puppies. I want puppies all the time. So does my nephew. That is why we foster puppies. There is no shortage of puppies out there in need of foster homes. It is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I couldn't imagine that breeding would be any more...
  13. mamasobuco

    I Have a Puppy! *Pictures*

    Awww Daniella, I just can't get enough of her. She is just too cute for words.
  14. mamasobuco

    Declawing cats?!?!?

    Our cat is declawed but she showed up in our garage like that (She was spayed too, pretty lucky!!). I would never declaw a cat or kitten. But, I would adopt a declawed cat.
  15. mamasobuco

    Heartless Fishkeepers

    I'm still a little confused. Without me having to make a long distance phone call, does he sell puppy mill puppies? I agree with two points. Yes, the guy should have answered your fiance's question. ESPECIALLY after he mentioned that he sells reptiles. Kinda weird that he would mention...
  16. mamasobuco

    I have a baby Leopard

    She is absolutely beautiful!!!
  17. mamasobuco

    It's not fair!

    Why don't you take in the pictures you have of the catahoulas and try to talk the shelter into relabelling her so you can take her home? I agree with you, she has some pit but that's sure not what she is mostly made up of. Please give the shelter people a break. Most people who work at...
  18. mamasobuco

    hermit crabs?

    The only things I know about hermit crabs is they don't need much room so a 5or 10 gallon tank should be sufficient. I also know that they do not drink standing water. They will suck water out of a spounge. They have special spounges in the pet shops or you can use any one that does not have...
  19. mamasobuco

    How long has your small breed been around?

    The basenji is an ancient breed and can be found in Egyptian hieroglyphics.
  20. mamasobuco

    **Sigh** Humiliated for trying to help

    OMG that's horrible! What a horrible thing to do to someone. I admire you for feeding home cooked food to your dogs.