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  1. Georgygirl

    Stacked Dogs

    I don't really have stacked pics of Walter. These are as close as I've got. The bostons are nowhere near standard so I'm not going to even try, lol! Walter Breed: Australian Shepherd Age: 2 Sex: Male, intact Weight: 40 lbs Height: 19"
  2. Georgygirl

    Do your dogs provide security?

    Walter can have a scary bark, but I don't think he would actively protect me at all. He's very friendly. Joey and Lucy are great alert barkers. Joey would bark at an intruder, but he wouldn't go after one. Lucy on the other gotta watch out for the little red one.....she be crazy.
  3. Georgygirl

    What is the worst name you've ever heard?

    Yeah, my little bother got a cat for his 8th birthday and he named her Tiger Lily. I think Peter Pan was his favorite movie at the time. We also took in a stray cat which my little brother named Phil. He really loved Disney's Hercules at the time so he named the cat after Philoctetes...
  4. Georgygirl

    Long time no see! Journ + Friends

    Absolutely gorgeous photos as always. Your crew is just too cute! Love this photo of Journey! <3
  5. Georgygirl

    Lazy dogs

    Awww, such sweet faces!
  6. Georgygirl

    Baby pointy thing gets sassy.

    Omg, just too cute!
  7. Georgygirl

    Your Dog's Favorite Thing in the World. EVER.

    Joey: Food.....any food. He will do anything for food. Lucy: Me. She absolutely adores me. It's sweet, but also a little concerning. If something happened to me I don't know how she'd cope. Walter: Other dogs. Dogs are the Best. Thing. EVER! Followed closely by other animals. Oh, and...
  8. Georgygirl

    Joey and his sun spot

    Aww, that's so cute! He treats it like a sunshine blankie!
  9. Georgygirl

    Joey and his sun spot

    If you can't find Joey, the best bet is to go look for a sun spot and he's most likely there. Since he dislikes getting his picture taken, this makes it easier for me to snap of few pics him. Found you! Take no notice of the clicking sound....... Spotted.......he is not...
  10. Georgygirl

    Going car shopping...suggestions appreciated!

    I have an Imprezza Sedan, so I was kinda hoping that the Crosstrek with a hatchback would give just enough extra room. Just wishful thinking on my part probably. I do like the look of the Honda CR-V. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. Georgygirl

    Going car shopping...suggestions appreciated!

    I really hadn't considered them because I just assumed they would be huge. They really aren't that big now that I look them up. Hmmm...definitely worth a test drive I think.
  12. Georgygirl

    Going car shopping...suggestions appreciated!

    I have a 2008 Subaru Impreza sedan currently which I LOVE, but it just doesn't have enough space to cart around the three dogs, two humans, and luggage. We travel back home to visit family frequently which can be a 5-9 hour drive depending on who we're visiting. I'd really like to have a...
  13. Georgygirl

    Two classes on one night?

    Thanks for the responses everyone! I honestly don't think Walter would have a problem with it. He's young and is always happy to be doing something. I think the big question is whether or not I can do it. I do think the gap is helpful because it would allow me some time to process what...
  14. Georgygirl

    How big are your dogs?!

    Wow, Walter is smaller than Journey? Poor guy is a bit of a shrimp. :)
  15. Georgygirl

    How big are your dogs?!

    I don't have heights for the bostons. Joey weighs 20lbs and Lucy weighs 22 lbs. Walter is 19" and weights 40lbs.
  16. Georgygirl

    Two classes on one night?

    Has anyone taken multiple classes with their dogs on the same night? I have an opportunity to take an Intro to Nosework class with Walter, but the class falls on the same night as our agility class. The Nosework class would start at 5:30 and the agility class starts at 8:15 so there would be a...
  17. Georgygirl

    Biting when overstimulated- question?

    Walter has never really had a problem with biting. Even as a puppy, he really wasn't very mouthy. Right now he may nip at your clothing if you get him really excited and start a game of chase. He's usually very careful during tug to make sure he doesn't accidentally get my fingers. There...
  18. Georgygirl

    The Snow Herder

    Walter happens to be a big fan of snow and we've finally gotten some accumulation of it this winter so he is a very happy puppy right now. He likes to "catch" it when we shovel off the deck. He can really jump high when he wants to "What?....Do I have...
  19. Georgygirl

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Walter seems to have this particular talent for hitting me behind the knees when he bumps into me as he and Lucy chase each other around the house. You'd think I'd be better prepared for it but it surprises me every time as I try not to fall on my rear. Silly Dog!
  20. Georgygirl

    Feeling frustrated - bad reaction from other dogs

    Thanks for the support everyone! I don't think we'll be having any issues in agility class for the rest of the session. With two people moving to another class with will just be Walter and a very sweet and calm female aussie in our class. I'm going to be very proactive in future sessions and...