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    Two Days, And Now Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart

    I feel kinda guilty venting about this. Because I don't post often here anymore. Mostly venting and the occasional stupid little comment. But no matter what when ever it comes to issues with the dogs I always end up on Chaz. Thats gotta mean there is some truth in that whole "We are family here"...
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    Do you poop in public toilets?

    Exactly this! thank you :hail::hail: lol. If I gotta go I gotta go. I make fun of my sisters husband all the time. He can't go to the bathroom anywhere but at his home. Its reminds me of "American Pie" the way he panics and bolts for the car when he really has to go :rofl1:.
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    Which (Dirty) Item Would You Rather Lick?

    Honestly.......probley all of them. But I kinda live by that what doesent kill ya only makes you stronger, and I'll try anything once way of life lol.
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    Do You Read While Using the Toilet?

    Haha exactly this:cool:. We have a rack with multiple magazines and a few novels. We always did growing up too. Haha same here.
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    Trying to fall asleep to the TV last night...

    Meh it was a mixture in my circle of friends :D. I hung out with all the hard partiers all through middle school and high school. But and im being 100% honest I did not drink or try any kind of drugs until I was 17-18. And even then I have never *knock on wood* had a problem with drug...
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    Trying to fall asleep to the TV last night...

    An article just posted today about the creator and what he has to say about the show. Exclusive: 'Skins' Creator Speaks Out - Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV
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    Trying to fall asleep to the TV last night...

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!!!!!!!!!! Well to be more accurate I love the British version that is now starting its 5th series (season) this upcoming thursday. Been watching it for years now. It is a amazing show that has a movie in the works that will be in British theaters this summer...
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    Who's Who on Here -- v20.11

    Nickname/Preferred name: I prefer to be called by my full name, Samantha but thats not really a nickname lol. So Pixie or Sam I suppose. Occupation: Telemarketing Age: 22 about your dog(s): Maggie May ( American Cocker Spaniel), Sawyer (Labrador Retriever), and Morrison (Lab/Beagle)...
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    I'm going to be a bridesmaid :D

    That looks like its going to be an beautiful wedding! And its fun to be a bridesmaid!
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    It's Me or The Dog new episodes

    I don't have Cable anymore so I havent been able to see it. But it definately seems like their grasping at strands to keep the series going.
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    I Dont Get This

    Aww thats not creepy. My grandma (my moms, mother) has my entire life called my grandpa "Daddy". My mom and her siblings always called him dad or occasionally daddy. Nothing pervy about it. I don't think I ever have heard my grandma call my grandpa by his name "Jack" lol.
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    I Dont Get This

    This ^^. Its common here and just a term of endearment. Absolutely nothing creepy about it. *shrugs* Exacty. And I live in a Northernish lol state. Hear that alot here too. I don't mind it.
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    Lean Cuisine eaters....

    Sweet! I love Lean Cuisine. Lol and free stuff :D
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    Ethical debate anyone?

    Not in every case. Actually in my experience. Most gang members come from really crappy abusive home lives. There is of course the handful with loving families and the kid/person is just looking to rebel. But I just wanted to make it sadly clear not all gang members killed are missed by...
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    What is your -affectional- orientation?

    I have known men like this too. Actually I have known more weird needy, clingy men, than women.
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    every time i see people asking for vibes.... awesome :rofl1:
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    The Official "What are you reading" Thread

    Finnishing up "Never Let Me Go". And also reading "Dead as a Doornail" by Charlaine Harris.
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    Ethical debate anyone?