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  1. Doberluv

    Feeling guilty about not adopting

    I agree with Beret. I don't feel one bit guilty about not adopting a dog from a shelter. I think there's a place for both adopting and supporting reputable breeders who strive to improve their breed, keep our purebred dogs pure and work hard to improve their health. What could possibly be wrong...
  2. Doberluv

    Looking for Breed Suggetions

    I love Dobermans too. My wonderful boy, Lyric died some years ago and I have only been on this forum here and there a little bit. Since then, I've acquired two toy poodles from a reputable breeder. And I'm loving this breed. If you want a low energy dog, don't get a poodle, especially a...
  3. Doberluv

    Should I keep the dog?

    Oh that's a tough one. First, after 5 years, that is so difficult. I'm sorry you're going through this. It's probably going to have to be something you talk about along with everything else. See how she feels about it. If she is going to be heart broken losing the dog, I think you'll have to...
  4. Doberluv

    Comment by 'Doberluv' in media 'Matching hair and poodle'

    So cute! Love Poodles. Have two myself now.
  5. Doberluv

    Majorly mixed feelings....

    Oh good lord...don't use this person! Please find a board certified applied animal behaviorist. Real, reputable behaviorists do not use these kinds of methods. It will ruin your dog. This guy has decided to "self appoint" himself as a behaviorist. I also do not recommend leaving your dog...
  6. Doberluv

    Hello from CeCe

    Oh my gosh! I'm light years too late to this thread...just browse every so often. But she is one of the cutest little Poodles I've ever seen. What an adorable hair cut. I'm glad her spay went well. She does have that cheeky look to her expression. What a doll!
  7. Doberluv

    Chihuahua Puppy Purebred?

    Looks like a Chihuahua to me. There are variations, of course within a breed. Some are bred closer to the AKC standard, some not so much. But from what I can tell in the photo...her head, her features, she looks very Chihuahua. The important thing is she's adorable and hopefully, this breeder...
  8. Doberluv

    New look

    Totally like the "like" button. Sometimes I don't have too much time to reply to every thread but I might read some. This way, at least you can let the person know you liked their post. It might take some getting use to the more washed out colors. But I'm sure that's just a matter of adaptation...
  9. Doberluv

    What happened?

    Well...I don't do facebook so I'm out of luck I guess. It's funny how things evolve. I wonder if some kind of trend happened here that people got sick of or something...and just stopped coming. I guess if there's facebook. Well, I hope everyone is well. I like talking about feeding raw since I...
  10. Doberluv

    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    Omigosh! That is just so sad. Why do people even have dogs? Don't you just wonder? I wonder if there's anything that can be done about the dogs that are tied up all the time. How extraordinarily sad to think of these lovely creatures living out their whole lives like how you describe. I live...
  11. Doberluv

    What happened?

    I have only sporadically been visiting this forum now for quite some time, I guess because I've gotten more busy and I began seeking breed specific advice when I was planning on getting my Poodles, so joined an all Poodle forum and just didn't have time to spend on both forums, especially when I...
  12. Doberluv

    Sojos + Meat No Bone Complete???

    Great! I don't get on this forum much anymore. It seems to have gotten really slow. But I'm glad I popped in and saw your thread here. I hope one day you can get a small freezer at least and find a few more items. Freezers are great because you can wait until you see a good deal on something...
  13. Doberluv

    Sheena passed away yesterday

    Oh gosh, I'm so sorry for your loss and the sadness that comes with it. Keep her in your heart and mind with happy memories and your pictures of her. That will help keep her with you.
  14. Doberluv

    Sojos + Meat No Bone Complete???

    LOL Jenny. Fancy meeting you here, huh? Say, Kodiak...I think some is better than nothing too. Just feed at separate meals. Or you might have to go shopping often. I hope you can get a freezer soon. That really helps. I think it's great that you're doing some reading. It's really important...
  15. Doberluv

    New garden pics

    Hi Smkie. Long time no visit you here on Chaz. I pop in now and again and saw this thread. I have a lot of catching up to do and have been looking at your amazing pictures. I have lots more to view. They're just out of this world. You sure know how to appreciate and capture the good things...
  16. Doberluv

    10 Rules for Raising a Healthy Dog

    Well, if that isn't a crock 'o malarkey, I don't know what is. The way canines have eaten for thousands of years before commercial food was invented is a fad? As if it's all something new? Oh puleeze! "Aren't worth the money or the time?" How can this author make that determination...
  17. Doberluv

    Sojos + Meat No Bone Complete???

    Hi Natural fed dogs. Bet you couldn't tell it was me, Poodlebeguiled on the raw food forum. LOL. I joined this forum long before I had the Poodles. I wonder if the OP will ever see these posts. I wonder why people post and then never come back. :popcorn: Oh well...nice seeing you!
  18. Doberluv

    Picture Thread for RAW feeders!

    I'm a recent convert. I tried this years ago and quickly dispensed with it after one dog was gagging on a bone. So about mid December, I gave it another whirl, did lots of research, read what really is going on with commercial food, what's in it, how they lie in labeling, all the recalls and...
  19. Doberluv

    Sojos + Meat No Bone Complete???

    I would say stop playing around with raw and ditch the kibble and go with a natural raw diet so that you can balance things out better. Get your own stuff, a large variety of meats, bones (not weight bearing bones) and both liver and other organ meat. You absolutely need organs. You want to give...
  20. Doberluv

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! :)