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    Comment by 'lilblondechika03' in media 'O'Hara the Queen'

    AWW EVERY SHELTIE SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE A QUEEN OR KING!! I love my shelties to bits i couldnt ask for better dogs! That is a great picture!
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    Comment by 'lilblondechika03' in media 'Ever Vigilant'

    OMG I LOVE THIS PHOTO he is GORGEOUS!!! would u plz look at my pictures.... im a new user and nobody seems to be leaving me comments or rating mine...makes me feel like my puppies are ugly:-(
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    Comment by 'lilblondechika03' in media 'Watchin' You Watchin' Me'

    aww you have a beautiful i mean handsome dog... he really has a good pose in this picture
  4. My dream Chihuahua

    My dream Chihuahua

    I found this puppy on she is about $1,200 she looks like a little princess and my goodness i would love to treat her like one
  5. A mother and her child

    A mother and her child

    I saw this picture and fell inlove... I found this picture on a website. I wish i had st bernards
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    Comment by 'lilblondechika03' in media 'Sophie and Shelby'

    Actually they are both shelties
  7. hmm...some one's a little angry...

    hmm...some one's a little angry... shelby really could never be angry..but look at the innocence of sophie's face as she carries SHELBY'S tennis ball!
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    Comment by 'lilblondechika03' in media 'Pretending she hasn't done anything naughty.'

    aww i just love those wrinkles!!!! looks like she knew she did sumthing wrong so she has this innocence apon her face!! aww what a cutie!
  9. Sophie and Shelby

    Sophie and Shelby

    This is Sophie and Shelby... Relaxin in the shade of a hot summer's day.
  10. My Precious Sophie

    My Precious Sophie

    Here's Sophie she always looks like a deer in headlights when ever i take pictures...she's camera shy.


    Here's Shelby...all he ever wants to do is play can never get him away from them tennis balls
  12. My Shelties

    My Shelties

    Sophie(standing) and Shelby(laying down) are MY baby girl and boy!


    This is my dream pitbull i dont remember where i found this picture but my goodness he's beautiful!
  14. Precious Face

    Precious Face

    This is Shelby...he's 7 years old hard to believe...
  15. Shelby


    This is one of my babies running in the park!!