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  1. TinyDragon

    Karma Collars!

    Oh it looks so good! I ordered Axel a big boy collar from them and can't wait for it to arrive... I also got a matching 4 feet leather lead to go with it. The downside of living in europe is the extra few weeks for delivery :(
  2. TinyDragon

    Snapshot from your day

    today we're having a lazy tug on the sofa as we're both tired after a walk...
  3. TinyDragon

    Let's See Your Best Derp!

    Did someone say derp?:D
  4. TinyDragon

    Do people want to interact with your dog?

    All the time!:( And 99% of the time it's people who think there's nothing wrong with just touching a dog without permission. Axel loves people and it makes me happy. What makes me unhappy though is people who touch his head/ muzzle while passing by or while we're on the train as well as people...
  5. TinyDragon

    A sort of snowy walk

    Thank you :) He's got his flaws (like the over-sized ears that change their positions 5 times a day) but I love the way he looks even if he is still going through his teenage stage. I never planned on a show career, but now am curious about trying it at some point for fun. But I will be waiting...
  6. TinyDragon

    A sort of snowy walk

    So me and OH had one of the rare days off together and decided to go for a nice long walk to a new place this morning. We found some snow up there. It was gone within 30 minutes since the sun came out and it wasn't that cold to begin with... But I loved it. Axel on the other half didn't seem to...
  7. TinyDragon

    What breeds does your SO like?

    He would love to get a husky, malamute, german shepherd, bernese mountain dog, tibetan mastiff, rhodesian ridgeback. He would love to get one of each... or at least one of the bunch:rolleyes: But until he's with me he will most likely not get any of them. Well, maybe a bernese mountain dog:p
  8. TinyDragon

    So I bought Axel a bed...

    Yup, I can easily curl up next to him! Although, I already told my boyfriend that next time he's in trouble he will be sleeping with the dog:p Axel does love the camera... It's quite hard to catch him while he's sleeping or doing something funny naturally, because as soon as he sees me pick...
  9. TinyDragon

    Brown Urine?

    I would think UTI. Another possible reason is a tick bite... Although I have no idea how common are ticks in your area at the moment and if you get Babesiosis out there?
  10. TinyDragon

    So I bought Axel a bed...

    and I guess I misjudged the size:eek: I wanted a large bed so he could stretch and be comfy. I found this bed and just loved everything about it! And I still do...even if it is taking up third of our living room's floor:thumbsupsmileyanim: Axel has no idea what to do with all that...
  11. TinyDragon

    Snitch's baby show dog practice!

    Love baby aussies! :) looking at such tiny babies makes me a little bit sad I missed Axel's bubbly baby stage. Snitch has such gorgeous eyes!
  12. TinyDragon

    Zander's 2013 Photodump

    He's so handsome! I always loved huskies and I think they will always be my dream breed but I will never be able to have one... It's a dream that will never come true, but I love looking at other people's dogs.
  13. TinyDragon

    A new walk today was found! :D

    Today me and Axel found a new walk:hail: Well, it wasn't new to me because I used to walk there every week when skipping classes in my first year of Uni... But today I remembered about its existence because our car refused to start and we couldn't go on a planned day out. So we headed to the...
  14. TinyDragon

    Your Dog-Related New Years Resolution!

    *Improve and maintain his recall *Get his Good citizen bronze award *Start agility *Join a new obedience class And for me: *Finally get my drivers license
  15. TinyDragon

    Snapshot from your day

    Our last chance at a christmas tree photo
  16. TinyDragon

    Do you punish for ignoring recall?

    Thanks everyone!:hail: I'm just confused if it's better to reward a late recall or to ignore it... Some say to only reward the dog if he comes immediately after he's been called, but others say that you should reward the dog every time he makes the decision to come to you because you want to...
  17. TinyDragon

    Do you punish for ignoring recall?

    Right so this week I had an unexpected critical situation with Axel... We work on his recall every day in various situations (at home, in the park, even worked on it in a pet store!) and 99% of the time he comes back within seconds and I don't have to repeat it. However, now that he started his...
  18. TinyDragon

    Snapshot from your day

    Axel had a pre-christmas shower
  19. TinyDragon

    Post Pictures of your Dogs as Puppies

    Axel when he was 5 weeks old and 17 weeks old :)