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    Been at the shelter for TWO years!

    Wish I was in a position to take Boomer in... something about that dog makes me want to drive down there and grab him.
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    German Shepherd jumps to No. 2 among top dogs in U.S.

    Yeah I think they've been at #3 for the past 10 years or something.
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    German Shepherd jumps to No. 2 among top dogs in U.S.

    Just came across this, I don't think the Miley Cyrus publicity helps lol, "He's a german shepard and will get up to 125 lbs! Ahhh! " 125 lbs? Really? ...
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    Opinions on video...

    ggdfdxkjhkk That dog was clearly uncomfortable, it didn't look like the teeth made any real contact and I noticed the guy had no scars so I'd also say it's over-dramatized.
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    Husky Pups & FOSTERS NEEDED!

    I'm in Kanata, I WISH I was in a position to be able to take one in.
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    Koehler training

    Haha, will continue to glean tidbits.
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    Natural Dog Training

    I liked the webinar idea, I listened in on it and I really liked his ideas they were very different and interesting.
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    Koehler training

    Somebody mentioned Khoeler training to me but didn't say much else about it and I couldn't find some sort of summary on it, but did read something that said it was really brutal so I figured I would ask here to clarify what it was actually like. I always get really good answers here so thanks...
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    Koehler training

    Short question, is koehler training basically all corrections, choke chains etc?
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    Is this collar too girly??

    Looks mega girly to me lol.
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    Antibiotic recalled in Canada

    Longisil, a form of penicillin recalled.
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    Family dog saves boy from Cougar attack

    Beat me to posting this /shakefist. Glad their dog is going to be fine.
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    Is Obeseity Abuse?

    I have to agree with these two and, I bet if every vet had a poster like somebody mentioned just that would do a lot of help. Somebody else also mentioned a commercial, one playing on Animal Planet or something would be awesome.
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    Would you kick a dog attacking your dog?

    I've never had to kick a dog but then again I'm like a pretty strong guy and I have a pretty good feeling a lot of the posters here are female. Anyway the proper way to stop a dog fight is to step over the dog and hold it's hips with your legs real tight because that's what they use for...
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    Puppy food recommendations

    Whiteteeth, most of the big names (pedigree,iams,etc) in the dog food industry have pretty bad quality food. You should do a little reading on why or start/look for another thread for the welfare of your dog so we don't hijack this one lol.
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    Hound/shep mix, lab mix, rottweiler, and plott hound (mix?).

    I like Boggle he seems awesome, what are baxter eyes?
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    I just LOVE advice from non-dog owners

    I'd tell him to stuhfoo
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    Worst Watchdog...EVER.

    I'm willing to bet they can also smell you before you even touch the door.