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    Comment by 'sweet_and_sour40769' in media 'christys baby'

    he has shitzu and pug. and his name is scooter and well i guess i already put that its a boy. thanks for the comments everyone.
  2. fluffy


    fluffy is a python. i love this snake!
  3. gizmo and liz

    gizmo and liz

    this is gizmo and liz again.
  4. scooter


    this is scooter. hes a pug and half shitzu.
  5. squirt


    this is squirt again. thats my lil baby.
  6. Gizmo


    this is gizmo. he is a weiner dog.
  7. LIZ


    this is liz. she is a very sweet and lovable dog.
  8. christys baby

    christys baby

    this is my little pug. hes fiesty and playful. he has some shitzu in him. he is so adorable.
  9. my baby

    my baby

    this is my sisters dog. hes my little baby. his name is SQUIRT and he his a minature d pincher.