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  1. Dale


    :( We have two dogs - 1 is an American Bulldog, the other one we are not too sure on - when we adopted him we were told he was an American Bull Terrier mix, but the vet, dog trainer says he does not look like it. Anyway, this puppy is a handful to say the least - I am on the verge of giving him...
  2. Dale

    Fighting Puppy

    Same Problem We have Tuggs who is a month older than our Bubs. Bubs is forever biting, very fiesty, if Tuggs has a toy or is eating/drinking, he always takes the toy away or pushes his way in to eat first. Tuggs is a very melow puppy He is forever biting, even when we tell him not to bite and...
  3. Dale

    Dog Aggression Problem!

    I am having problems with our 2mth old Bull Terrier Mix dog named Bubs. He is forever biting and seems to get very jealous when we pet our other dog which is a Bull dog Tugs. He takes Tugs food,toys and gets very upset when we pay attention to him. But when it comes time to pay attention to him...
  4. Dale


    :eek: When our puppies do their business outside or if they have an accident inside the house where they do a #2 and/or they pass gas. The odor is outrageous, is there something that we can give them to somewhat minimize the odor.
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    Bubs & Tugs

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    Hi everyone !!! This is our first posting we finally managed to adopt a couple of new members to the family this weekend. My daughter adopted Bubs he is a American Bull Terrier mix . I also adopted Tug he is a American Bull Dog . Bubs is 8 wks old and Tug is 3 months .