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    Denver Awarded Ban On Pit Bulls

    Zoom, I agree with you totally!!! :D
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    Denver Awarded Ban On Pit Bulls

    Have any of you saw the news about the pit bull ban in Denver? Good thing I don't live there because no one would make me get rid of my babies! :(
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    Pitbulls in the news

    Pitbulls are a loaded gun? Thats not true at all! Guns don't kill people, people do! The gun can't pull it's own trigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pitbulls in the news

    Hey Mystical, Oh the flash movies on is awesome! I am actually waiting for the creator of that to send me the file so I can upload it to our website! It is a very very nice movie!
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    Hello everyone :)

    What a cute pup! Welcome to the forum! I'm Tara and new here as well!
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    Pitbulls in the news

    Oh No, I was not meaning your comments were horrible! LOL I mean the general comments made by others..... Oh yeah i totally agree with you! I do not think they are perfect, they do have their own "set ways"...LOL
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    Pitbulls in the news

    When I said why mention the bad, I do not mean to someone looking for a puppy or dog. I always tell people about the breed and their charcters. However, I just don't see the point in constand horrible comments about the breed. It seems as though everyone has an opinion on the breed. In my...
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    A Pitbulls Prayer

    How Sweet! :)
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    Comment by 'SouthernPit' in media 'Happy Birthday'

    Mr Farlow, Seems Like A Party Animal!
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    Comment by 'SouthernPit' in media 'Faron'

    What an adorable pic!!! He looks like he is enjoying it too!
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    Comment by 'SouthernPit' in media 'Smile!'

    HOW CUTE!!!!!
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    Question About Pins In A Leg

    Hello all, Maybe someone here can give me some ideas! My little Chihuahua had to have pins put in his leg and foot after a bad break last year. Well, every time it seems to be damp or cold outside I notice he holds that leg up. Anyone know of anything I can do to stop it from bothering him? I...
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    Dogs and Airplane Pressure

    Hello, We have flown dogs to us from all over the world, and have always been told not to feed them before a flight, so they do not use the bathroom in the crate. So I really dont know.. I never even thought about ear pressure.....I bet it would be the same for a dog as a human...I may be...
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    Newbie Here

    Thanks BabyBlue! Is your Dane solid black?
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    Warning Pic is Graphic!

    LOL Very True! I know my dogs get frustrated with my lil girl, becuase she DOES not ever leave them alone...So they probally see her and are thinking...Geesh Where can we hide here comes that kid again...LOL
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    Warning Pic is Graphic!

    OM Goodness! I am sitting here thinking, why in the world does she think we are putting our kids in danger! I am so sorry! Feel like an idiot now! LOL I have just saw so many negitives on the forum about the dogs, and it is killing me, because I love them so much
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    Warning Pic is Graphic!

    What exactly do you mean?
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    Warning Pic is Graphic!

    Oh Ok Thanks! So use the actual HTML TAG then? Thanks for the complements on our little girl! She is now 18 months grown..LOL Yes the pits are purebred, buckskins....
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    Weight Pulling?

    My hubby weight trains alot of his dogs......Some of the adult dogs (1 1/2 Years Old) can pull around 360 pounds right now. It is amazing......He normally starts them gradual when they are around 10-12 months old. Right now our 13 month old APBT is pulling almost 200 pounds! I am totally amazed...
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    Warning Pic is Graphic!

    How do you all get pics in this thing? I can only get it to show the url.....