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  1. BoxMeIn21

    Flat-Coated Retriever puppies

    I just love Flat coat! Cute puppies...looks like you have your hands full!
  2. BoxMeIn21

    What should I know about boxers?

    No problem! :)
  3. BoxMeIn21

    What should I know about boxers?

    Well you're my neighbor! I am in far as finding a breeder near you. You might want to check out some local shows, those are always a great place to meet breeders and their dogs. Peggy Otto of Pro-Boxers has a listing on her page of Am. Breeders: Links - American Boxer...
  4. BoxMeIn21

    What should I know about boxers?

    Run far away from that breeder, this is a total looks like they don't title their dogs in any venue. No mention of health testing. It looks like they use a white boxer in their breeding program which is very unethical because of the deafness issue. And last but certainly not least...
  5. BoxMeIn21

    What should I know about boxers?

    Sarah at Vintage Boxers is very knowledgeable, I happen to know her personally and she's actually my girl Disco's "other mother". She would be a very good resource to PM if you had more questions. is the health testing that your breeder should do: Boxer health testing...
  6. BoxMeIn21

    Puppies eating their first RAW meal

    Cute puppers!
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    The horse

    Beautiful horse. You guys look like a good pair!
  8. BoxMeIn21

    Webster! (Puppy cuteness)

    Oh teh cuteness!
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    Who else feeds RAW?

    There, there...if it makes you feel better, at the age of 34 I have just recently perfected my bacon making skills.
  10. BoxMeIn21

    Who else feeds RAW?

    Why did you call it snake oil?
  11. BoxMeIn21

    Who else feeds RAW?

    That is true, dogs don't have ingredient requirements, they have nutrient requirements. BP's dog probably needs fiber in the diet, so that's probably why they mentioned they needed grains. :)
  12. BoxMeIn21

    Who else feeds RAW?

    You don't need to convince us of anything. People are going to do what they want with their dogs. They don't need to have a raw food zealot jam it down their throat that they are "doing it wrong". As it's been mentioned in this thread plenty of times, there are contridictions even in raw...
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    Christmas in Africa pictures

    Nice spread!
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    Who else feeds RAW?

    :hail: Seriously, BabyDane. Dial it down a bit.
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    3 Great Danes, 1 Loveseat....Priceless

    That pic is priceless. Too funny.
  16. BoxMeIn21

    Who else feeds RAW?

    I agree. I know your heart is in the right place, Jon, but I have to second what noludoru posted. Natural diets are not the answer for every dog. Even in the raw feeding circles there is disagreement as to what's best. Dr. Billinghurst says to feed veggies and Dr. Lonsdale says they don't need...
  17. BoxMeIn21

    Beagle Puppies

    I think Beagle pups are one of the cutest puppies. Beautiful crew you have there!
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    finally registered...

  19. BoxMeIn21

    Who else feeds RAW?

    I have two boxers that are raw fed.