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    Possible Mange, What To Do?

    I find with my dogs, or I should say, (Sadie), this time of year brings up her itchy egszyma (sp. check). My daughter, Taylor, has spurts of 'sort of the same' flare-ups.
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    Thanks everyone! Yeah, I'm still here and kicking (sometimes I wish those kicks hurt, LOL)
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    When is your birthday?

    I'll be 38 on July 23rd :)
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    anybody watch the finale of Grey's Anatomy?

    I watched the finale. I absolutely love the show! I heard that they are switching nights and times next season. They are showing it opposite CSI (aaaack :eek: ) Decisions decisions! I wish they would keep it on Sunday at 10:00. It was a nice ending to my weekend before the big sleep...
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    Pleeeeeeeeease Vote!!!!!!!!!!

    I voted :) Good Luck!
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    in search of spring..

    Our Gov. Romney declared a state of emergency as of Sunday morning. The Eastern side of the State are more affected than we are on the Western side. Poor Taylor had to play a soccer game Sunday morning (10:30 am) and Last night (6:45 pm). Both games were tied :) They now are 6 wins and 2...
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    Summer Music!

    Right off the top of my head: Jimmy Buffett Van Morrison Bruce Springsteen ummm Van Halen Chicago Journey Eagles I love the old stuff! lol
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    Seat belt laws.

    First off, I always wear a seat belt and of course, my children do also. It's funny how you brought this up, because my friends and I just had a discussion about this. An enactment for 'primary' seat belt laws in MA has been brought up for debate recently here. Here in MA, the law is still...
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    Hey Guess Who's Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great to hear from you! You sound wonderful. Congrats on the marriage to Jamie (we all knew you guys would get married sooner or later, lol). So sorry to hear about Hitch. I can't wait to see pics :)
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    My Dad

    Best wishes. You and your family will be in my prayers.
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    Carribbean Pics Uploaded!! *lots*

    Pics are wonderful! I'm sooo jealous! hehehe Glad you had a great time!
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    A Back Up?

    Whenever this site was down, it was for a short period of time. I think, or I should hope, that we can handle being away during that time.
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    What I've been up to - 4 pics

    I always love to see your pics Andrew. The detail is amazing!
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    Pop up for University of Phoenix

    This is funny because lately when I open up the forum I'll hear a 'badoink' sound that happens when a popup has been blocked on my computer. I thought it was strange too. I use McAfee.
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    ok my renovating/decorating friends...

    Love the colors, however, I was thinking about the dark Terracotta also. You would need a big window where the sun could shine in. In a small place without much light I would think it would be too 'boxed in'. I'll amit, I'm not a big fan of the color blue for wall paint. I don't know, I...
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    What perfume/aftershave....

    Amarige by Givenchy (better for nighttime; a bit strong for daytime) Escape by Calvin Klein Euphoria by Calvin Klein
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    Does it bother anyone else when rap singers steal music?

    I believe Air Supply did the original?? I may be totally wrong, but I know if they didn't do the original, they did a cover. Cutting Crew also did the song and I think its the more popular version.
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    Favorite Television Show?

    Desparate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, 24, Survivor (when its on), Lost. I guess that's it and I do watch other shows like Nanny 911, Wife Swap, Home Makeover, American Idol. All those extra shows that I really don't mind if I miss an episode.
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    Tell Me About My Dog

    The shape of the head looks Border Collie, but the eyes and facial expression looks like Chow. He is a cutie!
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    Help Choosing First Dog

    Just take a trip down to the Shleter near you and take a look. I'm sure you'll be able to find a dog that suits you. You right, in that your less likely to find a purebred in a Shelter, however, you did state that you wanted to adopt. I don't think anyone here will be able to tell you what...