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  1. Ash47

    had to call the sheriffs office

    Wow... I am reading this all with my eyes just as big as they can get nancy! It's like I'm watching my teen years play out before me. I, too, was with a psycho from 14 until just a few months ago (I'm 20.) I had to open my eyes myself... No matter what anyone said, I was sticking by him. He even...
  2. Ash47

    How do the pros do it? (big dogs)

    LOL This is the way the pros do it! Lay on top of them where you can get a firm grip on the paw, then clip away. Afterwards, a treat seems to make the fight worthwhile to the dog. ETA: But, Grace's way sounds soooo much better! :)
  3. Ash47

    Winston & Dance playing...

    Holding hands in that last one. So cute! And Winston is very regal and sophisticated with that grey mustache!
  4. Ash47

    Front page news

    Incredible! What an honor smkie! Way to go Vic! :)
  5. Ash47

    Nights in White Sateen

    You lucky dog! And you too Renee! :) Sleep well. I'm jealous!
  6. Ash47

    A kid with a box of matches?

    OMG... That's awful. Who knows if the parents knew. That will all come out in the end. But just think, that child will never have a normal life again. Imagine the damage that is going to do to that kid, in addition to all the damage already caused to other families. :( Sad for all involved, indeed.
  7. Ash47

    Black Stallion and Flame

  8. Ash47

    stray dogs

    I was just thinking the same thing... :confused:
  9. Ash47

    Today is Roxy's Bday

    Thanks everyone! Your wishes brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. I still can't believe she's gone. smkie, It makes me feel good that Roxy has Bronki to watch over her up there. :)
  10. Ash47

    New Puppy!

    Thanks everyone! She is actually only 9weeks old. I know... young. They only had her a couple weeks before they gave up. I knew when they got her that they were piling their plate too high. But, I digress. They had to bottle feed her when they got her... which I wonder why since her brother...
  11. Ash47

    Mini almost died on friday!

    So happy yours made it through! What a relief you must feel. I just lost my Chihuahua a little over a week ago to HGE (Hemmorhagic GastroEnteritis.) She had all the same symptoms. It was so sudden. And I read the same thing... Small breeds, especially toys, female and the ages of 2-4 years old.
  12. Ash47

    New Puppy!

    So, after Roxy passed, I didn't think I would want another for awhile. I felt like I would be cheating on her. But then, some family friends call and ask if I want a puppy they thought they could handle with a 2 month old baby, a Chihuahua, and two huge dogs they found straying around 3 or 4...
  13. Ash47

    Little Carlie meets BIG doggies! *PICS*

    Awww. Good for Carlie! Glad she finally got used to them.
  14. Ash47

    Today is Roxy's Bday

    I miss her. She would have been 3 today. I know she is having a big birthday cake right now with all the dogs passed away from us. Maybe, she was never good with sharing. :) Happy Birthday Roxy! We love you!
  15. Ash47

    Family Inheritance

    LOL Dizzy. I knew people would think that looking at the title of the thread... But I couldn't think of another name for it. LOL I love asking things like this. My psych teacher gets us to write journals where she asks us these kinds of questions every week. Interesting stuff!
  16. Ash47

    Victor won first place

    Yay! I am so happy for you both! Ya'll deserve it~
  17. Ash47

    Family Inheritance

    What are you happy about that you inherited from your parents? What are you not so happy about? I'm happy that I inherited: Honesty from getting to witness my parents work and make an honest dollar, stay true to eachother and to us. My mom's compassion towards those hurting or in need. My...
  18. Ash47

    Bad Dog Grooming Experiences, Please Share...

    You're right... You are lucky. A Pom came in the other day to the shop and was nearly bald because someone shaved him completely one time and his hair just grew back patchy.
  19. Ash47

    Bad Dog Grooming Experiences, Please Share...

    How is the coat looking now? I know a lot of times it comes back out looking all cottony when a double coated dog is shaved.
  20. Ash47

    Does your dog know YOUR name?

    Roxy knew my sister's name because she was VERY overprotective of her... I think she knew my sister is special (had brain cancer.) Knew me as Momma. My ex as Daddy. My mom as Ganny. Yes, pronounced WITHOUT the R: Ganny. She knew my grandmother as MeMaw (what we call her.) She also knew Harley's...