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    Really cute adoption commerical

    Ever read the sf story "With Folded Hands"? It is, imo, the ultimate horror story. It shows what happens when you try to make the world absolutely safe. The HSUS theory of "Well, they can't be hurt if they're dead" seems like a really sick offshoot.
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    Um... guys... I need an L name.

    She is absolutely adorable! Lima Bean? You could call her Beanie, Lee, Libby, Limey L'il Whatever (fill in the blank) Lyric Love Song (Lovey? Song?) Laser
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    Cocker spaniel, anyone?

    This is info from his breeder, Laurie Acklin: Widmark was born 12/29/05 and will be 6. He is a neutered, black cocker spaniel and weighs about 23 #’s. He sired by my champion buff CH Calypso’s Sun-Ryder ( and my black bitch who is sired by Ch. Toybox Teddy Roosevelt...
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    A useful rape analogy

    Great analogy!
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    struggling to do the right thing

    If it makes you uncomfortable, don't do it. People who teach women to protect themselves stress this over and over: LISTEN to yourself. Yes, let go of the bitterness and the anger because that just eats you alive. But it takes time to move on, time you haven't had. Doberluv offered the very...
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    Can you hold your booze?

    Of course I can hold my booze---as long as it's in a glass and not in me!
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    Bunk's great weekend

    I'll bet he had the best time EVAR! It sounds like fun, and he was such a good boy.
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    Can I do a little bragging for a moment?

    Well done, Charlotte and Marlin! Plenty of people---and countries, for that matter!---could learn a lesson from these dogs.
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    Need puppy names! Help!

    Gee. And here I was going to vote for "Ears." Oh, well, Keeva is also really nice.
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    What Your Dogs Would Do...

    Monday would be absolutely terrified. She would thrash around wildly to get free and run if she could. It would be emotionally devastating to her. Katie Mae? Well, first off, she's built like a tank, so alpha-rolling her would be no easy task. Amusing to watch, at any rate. If a human...
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    One of my cats was attacked by a dog today

    Oh, poor Monkey--and poor you. Hope you both heal quickly and well, with absolutely no complications. And btw, I'd walk the vet bill over there immediately and demand a check right away. These neighbors don't sound like the most responsible people on earth.
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    Holy cow, this is pretty amazing.

    And aren't you glad about THAT! :lol-sign: My god, what a horse that Tonk is. He charged an angry grizzly bear THREE times! He and the wrangler both; what courage!
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    If your dog went to Hogwarts...

    Katie Mae would be in Hufflepuff. She's easy-going and tolerant. Monday would be too busy with the Philly Cheesesteak to pay attention to any old hat.
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    What a darling! No wonder you couldn't refuse.
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    Glad he's OK. I can just imagine the conversation: You: ...and so that's why you must never, ever eat chocolate. See how sick you got? Doom: I understand and I'll never eat it again. You: Good dog! Doom: Until the next time.
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    Job hunters near SantaMonica,take a look

    I have no idea if this might be useful to anyone, but Goodreads is hiring:. Goodreads is hiring software engineers, a user interface designer, and an advertising account manager. Jobs Goodreads is hiring! Want to work for one of the top social networks, help millions of people improve...
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    Wheat Based Kitty Litter

    I found the Swheat litter to be gummy and nasty when wet. Ick! Use World's Best Cat Litter, because it really is! It doesn't smell, it doesn't produce dust, it lasts much longer, and, best of all, you can flush it right on down your toilet--no clogs, no problems. It's made from corn so it is...
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    Morgan could use some vibes :(

    Hugs and warm, loving thoughts to you and poor Morgan. And to everyone else in your family, who are probably nervous wrecks too! How scary! And how lucky that you decided not to leave him with friends. I hope that all turns out OK and that he never has another, ever, ever, EVER!.
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    Are there guns in your home?

    Not any more. I turned my handgun in to the police when I realized that I hadn't gone target shooting in almost 20 years and could no longer count on my "responsible gun owner" reflexes.
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    Cat people Helppp !

    Congratulations on the new kitty! Sounds like a real charmer. Try this to cut down on allergy problems: go over the kitten every day or two with a warm, damp washcloth. Cats love it and it removes a lot of the allergens. You'll like it too because they're so cute while you're doing it!