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  1. Stephanie7


    Im so sorry, my thoughts are with you and Kobe. <hugs>
  2. Stephanie7

    Soldiers throw a puppy off a cliff. *Video showing it*

    I believe all life deserves respect, yes. I believe that people who do things like the two who threw the dog don't, no. So I can make those two statements. In my opinion, human beings do not deserve respect when they commit atrocities. Is that fair enough? And I do know what Im talking...
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    Soldiers throw a puppy off a cliff. *Video showing it*

    I never said all soldiers do that. Many do, and thats a fact, and its because of a number of factors that I dont want to go into right now. It ranges from pop culture to collective memories of certain parts of the U.S., all the way back to the Vietnam war. The psychology behind this stuff is not...
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    Soldiers throw a puppy off a cliff. *Video showing it*

    I believe I actually said "many", not "all". And I do have a brain, a pretty good one, too. Obviously there are some good people in the military, but there are also many who are not. And unfortunately it is true that as a country we need to change certain things about our ideology of "might...
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    posting pictures

    How come when I post a picture in my album it takes weeks before its "approved"? None of mine have been approved yet..
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    a poem about Emma

    I just wrote this poem about emma while she was sick. It is connected to the second blog I wrote about dreams.. Slipping unseeing into peace, The dreaming world so familiar and young, Visit me again in the hills and trees, The secret bushes with the dew on your tongue, A concerned hand...
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    Soldiers throw a puppy off a cliff. *Video showing it*

    That is so disgusting. Although Im not surprised that soldiers would do this, Im so sad for the dog and for all the other animals that go through atrocities. Someone said they cant believe that a U.S. soldier would do this. When some people go to war morality goes out the window. Not to offend...
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  9. emmatennis1


    Emma playing tennis with us.
  10. emmakiss1


    Lounging in my chair.
  11. emma cool

    emma cool

    this is Emma stylin'.
  12. emma tennis

    emma tennis

    This is when my sister and I were playing tennis and Emma was ball retriever (and stealer occasionally!) When I look at it now, the rays of light make it look like heaven is shining on her.
  13. emma kiss

    emma kiss

    This is Emma lounging on my papasan chair getting a big kiss.
  14. Stephanie7

    A year ago yesterday...

    Im so sorry. you are not alone, we are all here to support one another. I miss my babies too..
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    Time to Start Letting Go

    Im so sorry about Zeus. It is a very painful decision to make, especially when you dont know how much longer he has, and when the pain will start setting in for him. I just lost my Emma two weeks ago from a tumor in her throat that caused her to stop eating and her kidneys to fail, and we could...
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    You should probably go to the vet if it continues. I did not pay as much attention as I should have to Emma's condition before she was diagnosed and now she's gone. Whenever you see something unusual and it persists, take them to the doc.
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    What's wrong with this dog's tooth?

    It could be the start of Peridontitis (spelling?) which is tooth decay and tartar buildup. If not treated it will rot the tooth and can spread to the gums. It will make it hard to eat, and the teeth get loose and fall out in the later stages. Annual professional teeth cleaning is good, and if...
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    Are your dogs covered?

    None of my animals have insurance. My parents like to skimp on things until they have to do it, which I dont agree with, and I've bothered them about it. They think they will be healthy forever, but after the passing of emma, they are starting to open their eyes.
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    Need some tips or suggestions

    Here is my plan for becoming fit: I dont drink soda I cut down on sweets as much as possible, occasionally is ok. I drink enough water in the day. I eat small things throughout the day, in addition to breakfast lunch and dinner, but these meals are small. Eating small things boosts your...
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    Birth Control for Teens

    Young people need to be educated about this issue. Thats where the focus should be, it should not be on trying to prohibit them. Teenagers have they're own minds, even if sometimes misguided, but they will do something if they really want to. They should just know how to be safe.