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    Scottish deerhounds

    All giant breeds are heartbreak breeds. They just don't have the longevity, whether it is based from inbreeding, or from genetic issues that only crop up once you hit a certain mass/size, I really don't know. However, they do have unique and wonderful personalities that make their short life...
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    Silver Lab?

    As for the colour popping up, it wouldn't be hard. A silver (or similar dilute) would have two copies of a recessive gene. So bred to a non-silver (non-dilute) the puppies would most likely have 1 copy recessive, 1 copy dominant (non-dilute). So the silver (dilute) gene could then be passed...
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    Got a puppy inquiry today...

    OMG!! :rofl1: That's hilarious! I don't know what I'd say to someone like that.
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    Great Dane Puppies

    They are so adorable! Amazing how different the puppies are from different breeds. I love all the little wrinkles <3 Too cute
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    Renee's litter at 8.5 weeks old!

    So the stud owner was out today and decided to take Orange puppy with her for her clients in New Brunswick. Amazing how far these puppies travel! This litter I will have one in Alberta, one in New Brunswick, and one in Quebec (plus Ontario of course). Last litter had one go to PEI and one...
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    Renee's litter at 8.5 weeks old!

    :) They really are cute, though it is a real challenge to walk through the yard with them there. They like to swarm people, getting totally underfoot. And pant legs (and ankles) are of course fair game. Of course they eat a ton too, 3 feedings of 6-8 cups of food... I definitely won't mind...
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    Can you say PUPPIES?????

    Good luck!
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    Stacked Dogs

    Here's Renee stacked for photos at the show just before she finished her Championship (only one point left... but no money for photos at the show she did finish at :rolleyes: ) And here's Cleo, stacked, with her head chopped off... :confused: I really need to strip her and work on...
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    Fostering with an intact dog

    I do understand the issue though. Even the most responsible breeders can have an oops litter. A friend of ours who breeds smooth collies (and is a very responsible breeder) had a situation where two of her males broke out (or was it the female - I don't remember the details) and ended up with...
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    Fostering with an intact dog

    I have also fostered successfully with intact dogs. My rescue pets are all spay/neutered, but the Wolfhounds of course are not (well the breeding bitches of course). All the cats are spay/neutered (unless we get fresh strays in), though other critters such as the rabbit, chinchilla, lizards...
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    Renee's litter at 8.5 weeks old!

    Now the girls :) Purple Puppy Red Puppy I've not decided which girl I want to keep yet. Both have their pros and cons. Barbara Daley (the stud owner) is coming out today to select her puppy, and I hope that she can help me decide which is more likely to grow into what...
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    Renee's litter at 8.5 weeks old!

    Can't believe these guys are going home soon. The stud owner will be out later today and two puppies go to their homes. They are 9 weeks old tomorrow. The rest wait until 10 weeks old (or older). These photos were taken on Wednesday - conformation shots of the lot of them. It was VERY hot...
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    I forgot...

    LOL, and we have seven 20+ pounders here nipping at our ankles and tripping us when we go out to look after them! It's a miracle I've not killed myself trying to avoid paws and tails wherever I go in the yard with them. And the noise! They yip and bark and growl and even howl. Adorable, but...
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    Puppywatch. The wait is killing me.

    Wow, so glad they all came out of it ok. The puppies look adorable! Congrats.
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    Dogs most into their owners

    Surprisingly Wolfhounds can be velcro dogs (if you let them). They may be sighthounds, and considered by some to be more aloof, they are far from it (at least mine). If they could get away with it they would be by your side and even on your lap all the time... When training they tend to be...
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    What's the best dog related advice you've ever received?

    Not dog advice - horse advice, but it fits too: Never end on a bad note. If training (or anything similar) make sure you find something - anything good to finish up with, even if it is something super easy and already well known.
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    Very scary moment with Seren.

    Oh my goodness! Poor Seren. I too would worry about heart. If she'd been injured by getting banged into something I wouldn't think she'd recover so well. I'm so glad that she seems ok now. I've come to like the little rascal. On the wind thing... I've had the wind knocked out of me a...
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    We are on puppy watch again!

    Congratulations! Everyone looks happy. Seven is a nice number for sure.
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    We are on puppy watch again!

    Oh so cute! I love all the furry black and white bodies.
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    Worst dog food challenge!

    Don't know what the brand was, and I don't think we have the ingredient list, but my dad bought this super-cheap stuff at the co-op. They were out, so my mom fed a bit and the dogs immediately began having serious runs. Looking at the ingredients, I don't think there was ANY meat in it at...