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  1. roni

    My Aunt is in a Induced Coma

    Awww sweetie...I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.
  2. roni

    Flashed... has this happened to anyone else??

    No...that has never happened to me BUT there are alot of sick people out there. Be careful. I was in Myrtle Beach last weekend and noticed that there were some guys just standing in the parking lot of the Tangler Outlets. So we hurried to our car as they tried to make their way to us. We got...
  3. roni

    I'm watching the 2nd part of Oprah right now

    omg....i didn't hear about the grooming salon. what a horrific death. hopefully there we will begin to hear more good stories than bad. unfortunately...the worst is probably yet to come. once they get the majority of the water out there is no telling what they will find. sad.
  4. roni

    Humane Society of Nashville

    Thanks it! You are a life saver...really!
  5. roni

    I'm watching the 2nd part of Oprah right now

    that man is an angel! he protected those babies! what happened to the man and the 14 year old dog?
  6. roni

    Humane Society of Nashville

    omg...that is awesome that they are helping. do you have the address? i have plenty of things that i can send (food, treats, toys, etc.). let me know...i would love to help those poor helpless animals. tied up to could anyone live with themselves?!?!?
  7. roni

    Shelby were so brave to let her go. You knew that she was tired and ready to go even though you weren't ready. You are a very unselfish person. I have been there and's is the hardest thing that I have ever done. My heart goes out to you and your family. It sure sounds like...
  8. roni

    cujo is gone

    I am so sorry...please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers. I think that is a good idea to adopt. When I lost Rudy I thought I would never be able to love another so much. (and quite frankly I didn't want to) BUT...after some time I found myself stopping by the animal shelter...
  9. roni

    The saddest decision

    I am so sorry for your loss. Travis did have a good life. I am glad that I am not in your shoes...I don't think that I could ever be around your son again. Why would anyone kick a dog who was growling?!?!? Whey would anyone kick a do g anyway?!?!? I am sorry, I just have a hard time dealing...
  10. roni

    makes ya think...doesn't it?

    juliefurry...thanks for reminding me what is important!
  11. roni

    above ground pools?

    Thanks guys for the info. I am going to look at some pools this evening. I'll let you know if I end up buying one or not. :)
  12. roni

    above ground pools?

    Guys...I need your help. We have been looking at above ground pools and are very interested in them. They seem to be built a lot better than years ago. If any of ya'll have one can you point me in the right direction as to which manufacturer is the best. Also...we do not want to install it...
  13. roni

    please dont shoot me down

    Don't beat yourself up...if you know in your heart that this is the best thing for Bo then you should feel good. I know you are going through such a heart breaking ordeal...if you need anything please let me know.
  14. roni


    i wish we had some's been in the upper 90's all week. and oh so humid!
  15. roni

    Might be gone for awhile

    I'm with ya...let's go see our buddy. :) She needs us!
  16. roni

    Just got back from Florida - did you miss me?

    i don't know if you ever go to the cherry grove beach in south carolina (near north myrtle beach) but it is dog friendly and there are alot of dogfriendly places to stay. we usually stay in a condo so that they have more room to roam. you can find some good deals on (vacation rental...
  17. roni

    I'm making fried dill pickles..

    debi...i love them! the warm ranch dressing is the icing on the cake! save a couple, will ya? :)
  18. roni

    Denial (Long vent.)

    renee - you are so right. rudy looked into my eyes and i knew he was ready. he had a brain tumor and we took him to a specialist to have it removed. we knew that there were risks invovled but everyone agreed that this was the next step. a couple of weeks after the surgery he began having...
  19. roni

    Just got back from Florida - did you miss me?

    bogolove...that is so sweet that brady is giving you the cold shoulder. let's you know that he missed you just as much as you missed him. :) i am glad that you had a great trip. was it humid? it is sooooo hot and humid here this week, i can't stand it. poor rookie won't go out unless he...
  20. roni


    oc spirit...thank you for the very sound advice. i think you are exactly right. he is such a good person and so good to me. maybe i just need some time to myself. i am going to try to go away this weekend alone and really do some soul searching. thanks again!