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    please check my dog's parents

    1.) they look like puppies 2.) not good breeding stock 3.)the males confirmation of his front legs makes me think that exercize is a rare commodity which to me means neglect. the carpu shouldn't be bent like that. pitbulls are prone to nearly every single disease known. i would be very...
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    American Bulldog

    hey there. i actually share my life with one of these guys. i busted my tail socializing him with all creatures. he certainly has developed a love of puppies and kittens. my american bull loves people, but all it took was one incident where he was in a fight with an intact german shepherd that...
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    dog food

    just wanted to see if i was alone. good to see that i'm not. i have noticed so many changes in my dogs since i started feeding them naturally. my one dog is allergic to grain so he benefits the all have so many beautiful dogs. how do you download pictures?
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    Dogs & Chocolate & How Much is Deadly

    dogs and chocolate hey there, i'm a vet tech in a small animal hospital. for everyone's knowledge: milk choclate- 1 ounce per pound of body weight is toxic, so a 60 pound lab would have to eat 60 ounces of chocolate, which is like 4 pounds. dark chocolate- needs a vet if your dog has eaten...
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    dog food

    hello there, i'm brand spankin new. i'm looking for some friends that feed raw food.
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    dog food

    hi im new. just wanted to see what people are feeding their dogs. i myself do the raw diet and am looking for some friends.