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  1. smkie

    Yesterday was Victor's found day

    I should have posted this here as well as Facebook. IT is with profound Gratitude that i post it here. THank you Karl, for your having this forum, made Victor's journey possible, your forum, gave me the connections to give him exactly what he needed... so this is what i wrote yesterday. Today...
  2. smkie


    Auggie had such a beautiful and gentle face, such sweet eyes. Run free in heaven's breeze Auggie. I am really sorry (((((HUGS and hugs))))) Auggie was a Chazhound classic.
  3. smkie

    New garden pics

    If you just want to rest your feet and have a cuppa Victor will keep you company you can see how far Pepper is going today for entertainment, that and listen to birds and water, and smell good smells, and feel the breeze.
  4. smkie

    New garden pics so on your mark get set, grow
  5. smkie

    New garden pics

    last year when i put up the gourd i remembered oh yeah, id din't shake out the seeds. WHen i did, on the ground like a dunce, I thought it's ok, i'' hoe them out later. Which i di d, all but one..which grew this one. Do you think it knows it's gone full circle? children's garden. Rules...
  6. smkie

    Not another pig

    THis was sold at a silent auction for KC PET PROJECT. I have no idea what it sold for, since i did not attend, but i wish i did. If Art Unleashed goes back to their old format i will more than happily donate to their next auction. If they do not, I will donate to KC PET PROJECT. I made two...
  7. smkie

    He may be old, and he may be blind

    me thinks i might smell a troll.
  8. smkie

    New garden pics

    Ressie doesn't want it to be over either. HE thinks this is the best place of all and would i please just stand there and hold the leash for the rest of the day.
  9. smkie

    New garden pics

    almost frozen really rat tail radishes this time, i was wrong this spring. Ressie loves them, he carriest them around like baby snakes. Really fun plant to grow, grows very fast, smells good, and the bees were pleased. thinking of John HArtford song, Growing up to work in tall...
  10. smkie

    Victor and Pepper still got it, even in their old age

    Happy Halloween season from the dynamic geriatric duo.
  11. smkie

    New garden pics

    I cut off the new vine, and the blooms that are not going to have time to do anything. I picked the biggest ones hoping it is not a mistake, in hopes that it will hurry up with the smaller ones. THere are i think 28. Aiden's spiderman plant will give him a present for his teacher and lots of...
  12. smkie

    New garden pics

    My monarch chrysalis ..plural of that i do not know, went over the the grandchildren 's house. One was able to come out, step up on the preschooler's hand and fly away. Her Mama said she did a really good job holding still and being careful. Now i have learned the rest are on their way to my...
  13. smkie

    Old dogs

    Thank you.