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  1. maxfox426

    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    My neighborhood is a small network of dead end streets. There are basically two types of dogs that people keep. 1) The mysterious, only ever behind a privacy fence in the backyard dogs that everybody hears but nobody ever sees. 2) The dogs simply let out the front door to roam. For the...
  2. maxfox426

    Cat Tricks!

    As for tips for Roll Over... uhhhhh... I don't exactly remember how we did it. I'm pretty sure I just did a combo of luring (moving treat in a circle in front of their nose) and occasionally using the other hand to gently knock them over at the same time. Give them a little shove in the right...
  3. maxfox426

    Cat Tricks!

    I haven't done any real training with the Kitty Boy Brothers in a while now. Both Whitacre and Ticheli have been taught Sit, Beg, Shake Hands, and Roll Over. Ticheli also knows Stay, which has come in super handy as springtime makes him pretend to think he's an outdoor cat, but he will stop in...
  4. maxfox426

    Just wanted to share...

    Congratulations! And best of luck moving on up! :D
  5. maxfox426

    Tricks and Training

    To start, I just put him in a Sit and told him to Wait (our informal version of "Stay"). I cupped my hand under his chin just to keep him from looking down and gently put the treat on his nose. The first several times I told him Okay (release) almost immediately as the treat touched his face...
  6. maxfox426

    Dekka pics

    I have missed seeing Dekka pics! She's always been one of my favorites. Happy Birthday, Dekka-dog!
  7. maxfox426

    Your family + your pets

    I'm the dog person. My husband is happy to participate, help out when needed, and will reinforce whatever training I do, but the core of the responsibility is on me. Sometimes we do butt heads about it, because the truth of the matter is that I'm not a brilliant trainer at all and the two of...
  8. maxfox426

    Ridiculous things your dog has done

    At the dog park, Morgan seeks out the tallest dog he can find, preferably male, then puts all his efforts into trying to this one dog to play with him. If the dog plays at all, even just the tiniest bit, Morgan immediately attempts to hump it. :o
  9. maxfox426

    Siege's Snow Day (and something else, too?)

    Your photos are still as stunning as ever! And... and... PUPPY!!!! I love Siege, though. She's just gorgeous.
  10. maxfox426

    Winter wonderland

    Beautiful! Your dogs and the scenery are just fantastic. I always love seeing them here. :)
  11. maxfox426

    The one that got away?

    For me, it's actually a cat. About five years ago, our local shelter had a cat named Sloan who was available FOREVER. She was born without upper eyelids, a defect which required her to have surgery so her lashes didn't grow into her eyes. All of that was done before I even learned about her...
  12. maxfox426

    Tricks and Training

    I know I'm reviving a crazy old thread here... but Morgan and I have been working on a trick. I don't really know where else to show it. I know it's not terribly impressive, but as many of you have probably noticed, I'm not the brainiest of trainers. It makes me happy to get something...
  13. maxfox426


    Thanks! I really need to get updated pictures of all my animals... all my photos are woefully behind the times. That baby (#8) is now known as Dallara, and she will be the keystone piece for the next generation of my Hypo Cinder Tessera project.
  14. maxfox426


    My main hobby is crochet, with some knitting thrown in. You know... yarn stuff. My biggest hobby, though, is cornsnakes. I've been breeding for specific genetic color traits. (That said, I am about two years behind on my plans due to moving house ~18mos ago.) At the moment, I have...
  15. maxfox426

    Secret Santa Reveal

    Our turn! Our packaged arrived from LostAndConfused earlier this week. (PS: I am so so so sorry it took me so long to update here about it. I have been so crazy busy it's not even funny.) ANYHOO. PICTURES. "Is it for meeeee?" "Definitely thinking these are for me." "Halp...
  16. maxfox426

    Secret Santa Reveal

    Yayyy! I'm glad it got there all safely! And I'm glad you like it all. I had a bunch of fun putting that together. I know the t-shirt was a little goofy, but I saw it shortly after signing up for SS and I was just like I DON'T CARE WHO IT IS I'M GETTING MY SECRET SANTA PERSON THIS SHIRT. :p...
  17. maxfox426

    Secret Santa Reveal

    These posts are one of the reasons Christmas is my favorite. Secret Santa reveals! What a super fun haul! Thank you for sharing the pictures! :D
  18. maxfox426

    Official 2015 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    I mailed out my SS package today! It was supposed to be done last week, but Ticheli found the treats I'd bought and opened all of them, so I had to make time to go out and replace it all. :rolleyes: :rofl1: But it's on the way now! I'm excited!
  19. maxfox426

    Owen supervised...

    I can tell he takes his supervisor role very seriously. :D
  20. maxfox426

    Favorite leash clip?

    I honestly tend to prefer the standard bolt snap most of the time. It's simple, easy to hook on quickly without much thought, and not too bulky as it hangs off Morgan's collar. I have two rope leads with a spring-loaded snap clip... I cannot remember what on Earth the piece of hardware is...