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  1. Sit Stay

    Naming Help

    Amaretto, Absolut, Alexander Keith, Anheuser-Busch, Absinthe
  2. Sit Stay

    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    Honestly I'm pretty happy with the breeds I have now so... 1) English Shepherd. Perfect fit. Serious, intelligent, resilient, bombproof, great off switch. I like that Quinn is such a great guard dog, too. 2) Australian Koolie. Crazy athletic, smart, will work until they drop, biddable...
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    How is your dog with strangers?

    Ned loves everyone. He is happy to meet everyone and thinks everyone would like to meet him. Quinn isn't as enthusiastic as Ned but still likes most people - just in a quieter more subdued way. She does have a protective side to her if people approach the car and she is set off by guys in...
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    What's your ideal number of dogs?

    Dogs that were my own, 2 or 3. A younger dog and something(s) a little older/established. I could live with more dogs though if my SO had his own, or similarly, I'm still living at home so between my mom and I we could handle more. But as far as enjoying providing for my own dogs, I'd be...
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    Monthly helping of Aussies

    All such beautiful girls! And your photography is just stunning, as usual!
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    What breed would you be?

    I'd be some kind of herder. Closely bonded with "my" people, polite but not overly social or outgoing with strangers, some anxiety/quirks, likes to hike and swim but happy to stay at home on the farm for the most part. Bonds closely with stock. Active but has a good off switch too. A nice...
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    Do you have a favorite?

    I don't think I have a favourite - maybe if I had 3 or 4 dogs one would take the lead, but with just the two (and really technically I just own 1 dog - but Ned might as well be mine) I just love them both in different ways. Ned is definitely the easier dog of the two - after dealing with...
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    Suggest a breed

    You just described Ned to a T. I also thought Border Collie :)
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    Medium active biddable breed? Help! Toller, ES, Koolie, Spaniel?

    I think a lot of breeds could fit that bill! Sporting breeds come to mind. English Shepherds could be a little more aloof than what you're looking for. It depends greatly on lines and the individual in question :) I wouldn't call my girl aloof as she's generally quite friendly - but she can...
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    Puppies @Keechak Aussies

    Congrats! They are both such lovely, lovely dogs - can't wait for puppies! Also, I'm in love with Lark's mom!
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    Help! Nothing fits.

    I think an ACD or the right ES would suit you quite nicely. There is quite a variety of them out there, but if you stick to certain lines or find the right breeder you'll get a better idea. Quinn, for instance, hits everything on your list - however, she's much harder than some ESs I've met. It...
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    Would you get a breed sight unseen?

    We did it with Ned, and it worked out fantastic! With Quinn, I put the deposit down before ever meeting an ES. A few weeks later we met Quinn's aunt (her sire's litter sister). When we went to visit Quinn at 6 weeks, I also got to meet her dam and grand dam. Aside from those brief...
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    People Names, Yay or Nay?

    Depends on the name for me. I don't like human names that are common for dogs and/or kids like Max, Lucy, Sadie, etc. But I do like quirky human names that are old and not so "everyday" common names - like Ned, Fergus, Hank, etc. I guess because they are uncommon but typically so human that...
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    How is your dog with grooming?

    Quinn doesn't love anything, but tolerates it all very well. She will hold a stay and let me bathe her by myself (I have to let them air dry, which is the funnest part for her because she runs around all silly and loves to dash between my legs), nails she will tense up a bit but is will lay on...
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    I kind of sort of have a major Koolie/Coolie want right now.

    Quinn's pretty lightly built compared to most. Her ideal is probably 43 pounds. She's a tall bitch though at about 22".
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    I kind of sort of have a major Koolie/Coolie want right now.

    Ned's about 35 pounds as well. Not sure how tall (especially since I haven't seen him for months), but I would guess he was about 19.5-20" when I left.
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    To Infinity and Beyond!

    I'm so sorry I missed this. I'm crying over here, too :( RIP Buzz. It was so clear how special he was, and how special he was to you.
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    Who Do You Want to Steal?

    Ahh I've been such a bum on here and so inactive because living across the country and no dogs. But I am totally flattered that I make Quinn seem awesome enough online that people want to steal her... who am I kidding, she's pretty cool! Also Ned :D My steals, which was incredibly stressful...
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    If there was a puppy...

    I was in this same position. Really really really wanted a shaded sable - wasn't a big clear sable fan. Breeder usually places puppies, but said both Quinn and her shaded sable sister would be a good fit for me and left the decision between the two up to me - BUT she said that she thought Quinn...
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    Pick out a breed for me?

    Just piping in to say that I would recommend being super up front about your exercise limitations if you go to an ES breeder (or any breeder really!) so that they can hopefully set you up with a suitable puppy. My ES would not be the type of dog to do well with 30-60 minutes a day, for instance...