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  1. RosanaHart

    So what do I need to do....

    About 4 years ago. We still miss her!
  2. RosanaHart

    So what do I need to do....

    One of my all-time favorite dogs was Lola, the Rottwelier here. The little guy playing with her in the upper left is Nicky, who is about 8 now. And below is NIcky again, with our other current dog Lilly, from the very good shelter in our town. Lilly is said to be Bassett Hound and Blue...
  3. RosanaHart

    So what do I need to do....

    An 8 year old dog, a 3 three year old dog, a bossy 15 year old cat, and a marvelous husband of 48 years married.
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    So what do I need to do....

    I really don't know but with people home more now, it seems like a good time to explore forms of community.
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    Sheltie-Papillion Cross: Smart, Yappy, Very Loving!

    Our most recent dog came from the Sheltie-Collie rescue group in Colorado when we lived there. We've had him a couple of years and we dearly love him. Oh my is he yappy though! No surprising, given the two breeds. Training has helped some with that. He was born at a puppy mill, sold from a pet...
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    Ever teach your dog something that wasn't such a great idea?

    Best laugh I've had all day!:lol-sign:
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    Had DNA test done, but curious

    It would be really cool if those tests were accurate andy maybe they will be in the future. For now, to my mind, the results are just something to consider. That said, if I had your dog and had had the tests done, I *would* go with the treeing walker coonhound idea but not the greyhound.
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    Ever teach your dog something that wasn't such a great idea?

    When our Rottie was a puppy, she picked up from our older dog a little dance that he did just before sitting to get his breakfast or dinner. Now he's in Doggy Heaven but she is still dancing before she sits. In our small house, I have to watch out before I put her food down or else she may bump...
  9. RosanaHart All Positive Training Methods

    Also have a site where I use Clipmarks Another dog site of mine uses Clipmarks. This is an application that lets me clip images and up to 1,000 characters of text from any given site... respecting copyright laws by keeping it to that. So when I find interesting dog training articles around...
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    Fire drill training..

    Thanks for this excellent reminder. Another good reason to train a really reliable recall, to use trainer Leslie Nelson's term.
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    Why is he getting destructive again?

    Can you spell t-e-e-n-a-g-e-r? That could be part of it. Our year and a half Rottweiler is going through that. I definitely agree with the exercise aspect. If there is any way he can get morning exercise before you go to work, a tired dog is a better dog! But with the crate, the amount of time...
  12. RosanaHart All Positive Training Methods covers dog training from the point of view of the ever more popular positive dog training methods, which use pain-free methods. The puppies and dogs work more willingly for positive rewards, and don't have to suffer the fear that comes from training with the older methods...
  13. RosanaHart

    clicker training

    There are various kinds of clickers, but any should work fine. If you get addicted, you may want to try different ones. The first ones were rectangular and I often got confused about which end to click. Then a few years ago, the i-clicker came out -- I think it was the people...
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    newbie, dog will not give ball back (help)

    Could you post the brand in this thread? I'd like to know too. I got a toy for my 16-month-old Rottie that I read about on a Rottie forum. It lasted less than an hour! TIA!
  15. RosanaHart

    Teaching 'Spin'

    Can see it exactly, will try it today. My dogs generally sit, facing me, when they are trying to please me already.
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    Teaching 'Spin'

    Now that's something I never thought of. Why would you click then?
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    Re-potty training my BLIND DOG

    Here's a webpage I did a while back on the pros and cons of cratetraining plus a basic method: I am a huge fan of it, IF the dog accepts it.
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    Barking Please help

    I like to see people refer to the APDT as Lizzybeth727 just did, as those are trainers -- from many parts of the world -- who are using positive training methods. They do vary a lot in how they define the term, though, so ask questions to find someone you can work with if you go that route. Best...
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    Teaching 'Spin'

    I'm currently training my 16 month old Rottie to circle in both directions, luring with bits of her dry dog food before breakfast, a project from Kay Laurence's book Clicker FoundationTraining. One of the most interesting things about this process to me is that Lola is much more coordinated...
  20. RosanaHart

    Naughty Regis!

    Just keep on keeping on. This seems very normal to me. "You want me to do something?" is a doggy response that seems to me to be part of the training process of instilling habits. They do get better.