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    How long can horses go without water for?

    Sunny dragged me over to another water drinker when bringing him in yesterday's tea time and had a huge drink. So sis took him down to our water drinker last night when we turned them out after riding and it was 'scary'. He did the same this morning so obviously hadn't drunk from our drinker...
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    Dog sick after grooming

    Ever since I got my Dog back from groomers he’s been acting weird .. first, he seemed fine then. He got a couple of places on his back near his neck that kept getting bigger and finally broke open ( blood and some stuff came out ) cleaned it up the best we could and took him to the vet the next...
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    Does your dog sleep on their back?

    I wonder about this sometimes. Willow never sleeps on her back. NEVER. Only on her side or tummy. No idea what this means, she seems pretty content to me when she's sleeping....
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    Calling All Syrian Hamster Owners!

    Hi, My nearly 8 year old sister is getting a Syrian hamster for her birthday. Our local rescue ( half hour drive ) only has one hamster and it is described as shy so I don't think it would be ideal for her. I have been browsing preloved and gumtree for hamsters that need good homes but all I...
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    How many times you feed your dog?

    I've just read an article that claims if you only feed your dog once a day they are healthier and live longer. My Parsons terrier only wanted to be fed once a day, some days he didn't eat at all, I used to worry over him but he was 16 when he passed. Both Suzie and Belle were fed twice a day and...
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    How Much Pumpkin?

    So Spike has diarrhea AGAIN and i have been going round in circles with the boiled chicken/rice diet on and off for 5 weeks now. Vet tests normal, antibiotic course finished a while back. He seems to firm up for a couple of days and then goes back to pudding/watery. No socialising with other...
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    CBD for dogs?

    no resposne
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    CBD Oil

    Has anyone tried CBD oil or something similar such as Nutri Vet, ThunderEase, or any herbs/edible treats to calm your dog? My standard poodle has severe anxiety around people he does not know. Whenever I take him out in public he is constantly afraid of people, noises, and will tuck his tail...
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    Dog health question

    So a couple of days ago my dog wasn't really acting like himself. He was quiet and calm. He ended up pooping in the family room, his "go-to" spot to bark at people through the windows. He's never done that before, so we thought that was weird. Tried taking him out a bit more, but we got 9" of...
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    Artificial Dog Turf vs Real living Grass?

    I'm considering getting artificial turf for around my house instead of real grass. They seem to have special ones designed for dog use & such...? Do any of you use them? & If so what are your thoughts? I like the fact that it : Keeps the water bill lower. Don't need to mow the lawn or use...
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    CBD for dogs?

    Hi, I was looking into CBD Oil for my Senior dog and was wondering will it help with cataracts or glaucoma and whether it would help prevent illness or disease. I know Shop CBD use for dogs is still relatively new but is there anyone that has used it for their dog for a while now with good...
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    Ferret Sweater!

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    Ferret Sweater!

    Hey! So for a while I’ve been considering getting a pair of ferrets, and now I’m in a place where I can financially and spatially care for them. I do have some questions though. Any responses would be appreciated:) I have no interest in forcing them in a cage, and I would like to have the free...