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    Signs of affection?

    So, Murray out newest addition has started licking KC's paws. They will lay on the floor and Murray will lick, lick and lick some more. I'm familiar with face licking and ear licking. I have never seen another dog lick the others paws. Is this a sign of affection or submission? I'm not...
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    Friend advice or: how shallow am I?

    This really hits home with me. I'm very tomboyish, it's how I was raised. I don't wear dresses, I don't even own one. I don't do makeup, or any girly stuff, and I have very short hair. I have people assume I'm gay because I fit the typical sterotype, even though I am straight. I had a...
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    Christmas Loot!

    This... My hubby got me a new home theater set up, a camera and the new Wii U.
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    What do you do with your broken light strings?

    Home Depot or Lowes has a recycling thing right now. You $5 towards new light also. I don't remember which store it is though.
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    Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner (human)

    I use the great clips shampoo and conditioner. I love it, makes my scalp tingly also. I have naturally oily hair and it works really well in removing the oil without over drying.
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    camera people, help please

    I'm looking for a new camera. Right now I have a small point and shoot, the Elf power shot. While it takes pretty good pics up close, it really doesn't do well with anything at a distance. I really want a camera that can get good shots from across the yard. So what's a good begginers...
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    The Walking Dead

    Face Off is on the Syfy channel.
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    The Walking Dead

    The new season starts this Sunday, the 14th. Can't wait... Faceoff is awesome. It amazes me what they come up with. I loved the challenge with the kids last week.
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    My 3 big dogs :)

    These are my 3 grown pups... Chiana passed out after a long day of moving KC Niko
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    my little one is growing...

    Murray is now about 6 mos old. He's recently started smiling... :) puppy puck, he's my hockey dog Murray and his big sister, Chiana Annoying baby brother Making sure we didn't leave him behind, he packed himself
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    Would you buy this?

    I wouldn't buy it, but could see some using it as a decoration...goth style maybe...or Halloween Well at least you'd be able to wash the cut right away.
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    I always supervise my guys when they chew. The toys aten't laying around for them to chew on. I give them the rubber ones after I've checked them to make sure there aren't any chunks missing. I check the toy while they're chewing on it also. That link says that nylabones are rawhide, the...
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    All of my dogs used to chew on them, until 2 of them ended up with slab fractures that abscessed. All of my guys are heavy chewers, we always got the correct size for them. The vet said no more, all of them have severe wear on their teeth from nylabones. They now only get the rubber ones that...
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    THIS is precisely what causes dog bite/fatality statistics...

    WTF is wrong with people...then he let's the kid bite the dog's ear and laughs when it yelps...f@&$@& people
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    The Good News thread

    I get to play in women's 35+ softball worlds this weekend. My hockey season starts at the end of the month. My 37th b-day is next week.
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    Do you rent?

    We rent with 4 dogs, one them is 4 month old puppy. We haven't had a whole lot of problems finding a place. The places that tend to be ok with more dogs are usually further away from the city. I have all sorts of references for my dogs though, from old landlords, friends and vets. I also...
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    my girl

    Her name is Chiana and she's 12. We got the harness at It's made by ruff wear, it's their double back harness. We love it, she can wear it all the time. We check her to make sure it's not causing sores from rubbing and haven't had any problems. She's pretty mobile when she...
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    my girl

    Thanks for the wonderful comments. She's doing so well, she loves playing with the puppy, and some how manages to kelp up with him.
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    new little man :)

    Aww thanks all, he's a very sweet boy. I think he may have some hound in him, his bark is very hound like. He bays when we get home and when we're getting his food ready.
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    Post your best head tilt pictures!

    Here's my girl, sometimes I think her head will fall off she tilts it so far.