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  1. Zombified

    My dog keeps biting my roommate?

    I would *highly* suggest calling on a professional. Please don't just take advice from the internet for biting. While it can often be good advice, for the wrong dog or implemented incorrectly, it can become very dangerous. A professional can come in, see how your dog and roommates are...
  2. Zombified

    Hello from Kentucky!

    Hi guys! My name is April, and I'm a dog trainer in Kentucky! :) Pictured is my awesome dog, Ember. She's a 2 year old ACD mutt. These pictures are pretty old, but they really show her personality well! Love her by Zombified posted Jul 29, 2017 at 5:45 PM Beautiful, fun-loving little psycho by...
  3. Ember at 14 weeks

    Ember at 14 weeks

    This was the day after Ember came to us. (:
  4. Beautiful, fun-loving little psycho

    Beautiful, fun-loving little psycho

  5. Love her

    Love her

  6. Focused, but still a dork!

    Focused, but still a dork!