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  1. Love4Pits

    So we have pics thread of ourselves but how about a little non doggy info?

    My name's Scarlette and I work from home for my brothers business. My name is a bit ironic because I have jet black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Really there is nothing Scarlette about me LOL. I am 28 years old Married Own 18 dogs 16 of which are racing huskies and malamutes...
  2. Love4Pits

    Those of you who didn't go to college...

    Nope I sure don't.
  3. Love4Pits

    Spanking in schools, why is this still allowed?

    I absolutely and positively am against spanking being allowed in schools. Why? Because my best friends daughter went to one of these schools and came home with welts and large bruises on her rear. She is now a completely different child. And not in a good way she is not extremely untrusting of...
  4. Love4Pits

    Why have you LEFT a vet and went to another?

    I left my first vet when he punched one of my dogs in the face....RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! It was actually when Hitch was a puppy and he was mouthing the vets hand. I apologized and corrected him once but the second time the vet clocked him right on the head and sent Hitch into a yelping crying...
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    Put one Fila and six smart Huskies together......

    Lol its okay guys I was laughing myself. In the situation you have to. And its so true Renee this dog has totally changed my life. She definately brings something different to the table ;). Oh and I have a few pictures of her to post. So I will post them later on this afternoon. Oh! And...
  6. Love4Pits

    Put one Fila and six smart Huskies together......

    You get a ransacked fridge!!! I had left the back door to the house open earlier. I figured it was nice day and I would just let the dogs come and go as the pleased. I was outside working with Pakak when I see Kitten come running out of the back door with a something large and brown the size of...
  7. Love4Pits

    So WHY did you pick your breed of choice?

    I picked Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Huskies because I was raised in the racing world. And knew I wanted to continue on racing. Most of my dogs are from my fathers dogs lines so its all been kept in the family. I got curious about Malamutes and studied up on them for a few years. I then found a...
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    What breeds would you never own?

    Dobermans.....honestly you couldn't pay me to take one...Lol don't kill me its just an opinion. Really thats it. I am pretty open to all other breeds.
  9. Love4Pits

    The Malamutes

    A Few pics to share. Pakak Wicker And the pup I kept from their litter. Hottie.
  10. Love4Pits

    Got A New Addition

    Yup I am now the proud owner of fawn brindle female Fila named Kitten :). She actually had belonged to my friend but because his job is sending him out of the country he offered her to my husband and I. And knowing about my obsession and hope to own one some day my husband said it was okay...
  11. Love4Pits

    Got A New Addition

    First off yes im back for now atleast ;). I am however cameraless so this thread will be like torture for some im sure. But I promise scanned pictures soon!!! Anyways I will give you all a few clues. She's a breed of Mastiff She's brindle She promises to be huge and protective She's 7...
  12. Love4Pits

    So is the story of my life *sigh*

    Its early and I have a short amount of time but. HELP! LOL. So I go out to feed the dogs this morning and the dogs are in a uproar. I only ever hear the dogs yap like that when a strange dog in on the property. So I open up the barn door and there sat a brindle Daschund. I have no idea how...
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    A very nice breeder

    I get compliments all the time about how nice and polite I am with the people who purchase my puppies. And I have seen this as well. That some breeders do come off rude and cold. I am proud to say that I am tough about who I choose to allow to have one of my puppies. But I also am friendly and...
  14. Love4Pits

    My beautiful Milton

    He is so handsome. I love his puppy face.
  15. Love4Pits

    Pakak is gonna be a daddy

    I really don't know Breeze I feel like I just brought him home. Lol Zoom they have to have been talking. ;)
  16. Love4Pits

    Quick Everyone!

    Ah never mind my computer won't allow it.
  17. Love4Pits

    Quick Everyone!

    Come to chat and talk to me!
  18. Love4Pits

    Pakak is gonna be a daddy

    LOL! Tell me about it Zoom! He was born to make me worry I swear. I had to run him to the Evet recently because he swallowed half of a barbie doll :o. Of course according to my neice he got what he deserved :rolleyes:. Sometimes I swear his head his food of rocks. I mean he is literally always...
  19. Love4Pits

    Update on my pack

    Lol I will post pics as soon as I can. Those who passed away. Zeus- Zeus passed away from cancer. We found out too late and in a matter of weeks it just ate him up. We opted to put him down and get rid of his pain. This just happened in November :(. Monty- my sweet prankster of a...
  20. Love4Pits

    Pakak is gonna be a daddy

    Lol he just turned Four hehe. I can't beleive it either honestly I feel like he has grown up far too fast. He is going to make great pups with Wicker I can't wait honestly :). I will post pics of the pack as soon as I can I promise ;).