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  1. Assamiea

    Flight Rising Sale Thread

    I snagged this girl from you Laurelin. I've been eyeing her since the last time you put her up for sale. Just couldn't resist anymore. She'll be a good match for my Imperial boy. Thanks!
  2. Assamiea

    Flight Rising Sale Thread

    I have way too many Guardians that are directly related, so these guys are for sale. Just make me an offer: Koran Clown; Seraph; Gembond (RTB in 1 day) Gala Clown; Seraph; Gembond (RTB) Gilfray Clown; Seraph; Gembond (RTB) Senzo Clown; Seraph; Gembond...
  3. Assamiea

    If it was your SO's choice...

    If it wasn't for BSL he'd have another Staffordshire Terrier, but basically anything short haired and muscular. Probably some sort of mastiff but he also likes Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
  4. Assamiea

    Flight Rising?

    I've got these available if anyone wants them They're both Clown/Seraph/Underbelly
  5. Assamiea

    Favorite brand & type of ice cream

    Kawartha Dairy Black Raspberry Thunder. I could eat it all day, every day.
  6. Assamiea

    Flight Rising?

    I don't need any Tundra's but I have this girl if you want her. I've been trying to get rid of her for a while now to concentrate on Guardians. If you want her, she's yours! My username is Assamiea if anyone wants to add me.
  7. Assamiea

    Will your dog walk with others?

    Baxter will go with anyone, anytime. All you have to do is pick up his leash and he'll come running. With Rocky it really depends. If I'm not home then he'll go quite happily, if I'm home you basically have to drag him and he'll keep trying to turn back.
  8. Assamiea

    Old Dogs

    Rocky has aged a lot in the past year or so. He turned 15 in June and it's really noticeable that he's slowed down a lot. His hearing is pretty much gone to anything but the hugest pitched sounds. He'll bark when Baxter barks but really has no clue what he's barking at so it takes him a...
  9. Assamiea

    How are Your Dogs With Kids?

    Rocky doesn't mind kids, but in his old age he prefers not to be around fast moving or rough kids. With gentle kids he'll sit there and let them scratch is back or belly. Baxter loves babies a little too much. He doesn't realize his own strength so we don't allow him near babies unless I'm...
  10. Assamiea

    The Venting Thread

    After work today I was walking down the sidewalk to go to the parking garage where I leave my car. This guy comes flying out of another underground parking lot and stops over the sidewalk that I'm walking down, fully blocking the entire sidewalk down to the street. There are 2 cars coming down...
  11. Assamiea

    The Good News thread

    I was horrible at growing orchids. Killed a bunch and could never get the ones that survived to rebloom, but I love them anyways. After reading up on orchid care and watching a ton of YouTube videos I decided to get some more and give it a try again, and also to see if I could save my last...
  12. Assamiea

    NextDog Plans?

    Next dog will likely be an Airedale, but not before Rocky is gone and hopefully that won't be any time soon. I don't think it would be fair to Rocky to have to deal with a puppy at 15, he has much less tolerance to boisterous puppies and dogs now that he's geriatric and he already has Baxter to...
  13. Assamiea

    Chez Dizzy has been through a transformation (home renovation photo dump!!)

    Looks so cozy! And I love that blue rug!
  14. Assamiea

    How to get the dog to drink from a bottle?

    Maybe something like the Pet Top would be a better idea. It fits onto different types of water bottles and works much in the same way as the small pet water bottles work. It also has advice on how to get your dog to use it in the product info section.
  15. Assamiea

    Girly Stuff

    Love the Biosilk serum, but yes it is expensive. I also use the Moroccan argan oil from Avon, much cheaper and I find it makes my hair feel and look the same as the Biosilk.
  16. Assamiea

    Police officer who shot cattle dog indicted

    The thing that really gets me is this guys lack of compassion in my view. His comments in the entire article sound like they were trumped up to try and make him sound more sympathetic about the situation, but they just sound fake to me. Because, you know, if I had just shot someone's dog in the...
  17. Assamiea


    Craptastic cell pics of Shark Bait... Gah, I need a new camera! Picked the smallest, dullest betta at the store about a year ago and this is what I got a few hours later when his color perked up. This and a whole bunch of attitude! Lol.
  18. Assamiea

    Crossing into the US from Canada - with dog

    We've only ever needed proof of rabies vaccination, and quite honesty chances are that they won't even ask for that. Most of the time my dogs are in plain sight while crossing the border and we're never asked for anything regarding them. I think in hundreds of trips we've only been asked for...
  19. Assamiea

    The Good News thread

    After completing school 6 months ago and job searching forever... I FINALLY HAVE A JOB! It's only a 6 month contract but great pay with the possibility of an extension and I get access to all of the internal city jobs too!