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  1. k9krazee

    Pics of my dogs(Luna and Dobby)

    That second picture is ADORABLE!
  2. k9krazee

    4th Annual Chicago Chaz Meetup!

    FOURTH ANNUAL GIANT CHAZZER MIDWEST MEET UP!!!!! When: Saturday, June 11, 2016 and the weekend thereof Where: East Branch Dog Park, Glendale Heights, IL area. The park entrance is off of swift road. Use the address of 2N675 Swift Rd, Lombard, IL 60148 in order to get close - this is not...
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    Getting to know you 2016 edition

    Nickname/Preferred name: Ashley Occupation: Funeral Director Age: 27 About your dog(s): Crossbone is a 4 year old ACD/Terrier --sensitive, silly, spazzy & smart; Smallpox, or just Pox, is a year old Rat Terrier---obnoxious, observant, outgoing and overwhelming. Interests: dogs, dog stuff...
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    My two lurchers

    That second picture is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!
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    Dogs are my main hobby. If all goes well here shortly, dogs will be my only hobby for a long time. We'll be spending so much money trying to make dogs a full-time hobby, there won't be any money for anything else! Other hobbies include beer brewing, traveling and taking pictures
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    Official 2015 Fitness Challenge

    Great job, Julee!!!!!! In 2015, I gained an additional 30ish lbs, making me 75 lbs over my ideal weight. Beginning the week after Thanksgiving, I started working out, attempting to drink less beer, consume more water and not eat out every meal. Even with the holidays, I've lost a few pounds...
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    Those with multiple dogs...

    Growing up, I had five dogs and only certain pairs played with each other. But that was only occasionally. They mostly all just co-existed and didn't interact very much. My two now have similar personalities and play style and they play quite a bit together. Their favorite is tug of war...
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    Secret Santa Reveal

    Yay yay yay!!!!!! I'm so glad it all arrived safe and that you loved it! Our own Lancer&Rara made the portrait of Maddie!
  9. k9krazee

    Michigan Winter Dog Classic - Jan 2016 Anyone planning on attending the Michigan Winter Dog Classic in Novi, Michigan from January 21-24, 2016? I will be there all four days. Planning on just doing Barn Hunt with Pox.
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    What does your family think of your dogs?

    My mom thinks the dogs are crazed, but she always wants us to bring them with us when we visit. Dad loves them. Neither volunteers to dog sit though. My in-laws always had outdoor dogs, but have happily accepted out dogs and allow them in the house and encourage them to be on the furniture...
  11. k9krazee

    Secret Santa Reveal

    We received out package yesterday! We are so excited to unwrap the gifts --- I think we are going to wait until Christmas morning. Moth---there will be many pics and video!!! THANK YOU! <3 <3 On another note -- tracking says my secret Santa will get their box tomorrow!
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    Official 2015 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    Mine will ship today!
  13. k9krazee

    Official 2015 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    Waiting for one more thing to arrive and I need to finish making something special.
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    Christmas card exchange!

    Yay! Just ordered my cards -- they should be here soon and I can get them out. Excited!
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    Breeders and Registered Names

    I agree....what a silly way to judge a breeder. I don't think there are any laws regarding naming dogs, just personal preferences. Pox's breeder just asked that pups are registered as "Kennel Name" _____. The litters do have themes and names when born, but that's just for fun for the breeder...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    This is why I never lure anything and am alway throwing treats/food on the ground or into their mouths ;) If I had to lure, I'd probably use a target stick and then toss a treat.
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    2015 Secret Santa Wishlist Thread

    Dog's Name: Crossbone, ACD/Terrier Dog's name: Smallpox, Rat Terrier Favourite Treat: Any! Favourite Toy: Crossbone LOVES the rubber toys that honk differently than a squeaker (like the pig). Please no stuffed toys, they just get de-stuffed immediately. We love pridebites or any kong...
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    Your Dog/s Bedtime/Wakeup Time

    We always joke that Crossbone and my husband are the same---they go to bed early and are definitely morning "people". Pox and I are the opposite. Crossbone would like to go to bed between 10-11pm, but we now keep our door closed so he'll bark and spin in circles when he thinks it's time. We...
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    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    1. Koolie or equally as cool herding dog - This will probably be my next dog in 15 years--I'll want and need to get away from terrier traits for a bit!! I could also see myself with a teeny smooth border collie (mix). 2. ACD mix - I love ACDs but want a lighter built, smaller athletic dog...
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    What's your ideal number of dogs?

    In my current work situation, 2 is all I want. I really, really have a hard time not playing favorites and splitting my time equally, even among two. Right now I work long hours and I like knowing they have company and it's still easy to take both places and still do classes with both. Plus...