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    Labrador Retriever

    Wow, Nolu. lol Though I rarely post on here anymore, I occasionally log in to throw in my two cents when Linds lets me know about a thread involving SAR or a breed I'm invested in, both of which were mentioned here. It wouldn't have mattered who posted. I saw that post as pretty darn insulting...
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    Labrador Retriever

    I've loved most of the labs I've dealt with. I think it helps that I mostly deal with them through SAR, and my students generally are pretty dog-savvy and their dogs are usually sized for field work. But even so, there are plenty of good handlers that have come to me with dogs that would never...
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    any SAR people do HRD?

    As long as the dog has drive and no aversion to the scent, you shouldn't have much trouble. Especially if you have experience with shaping behavior. PM me and I'll send you some of the dirty details not so appropriate for public forums. lol
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    Have you set a couple up?

    I have! They're married now with a couple of kids.
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    Controversial Issues

    *grabs torch, sharpens pitchfork, looks for bandwagon*
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    Fergus and his Stuff

    I love the flashlight one and the sock one.
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    What would you do differently?

    Every time I tried to name something bad that I would have changed, I could think of at least one good thing that I would have missed out on if I had. My life isn't perfect. I've had my fair share of things I kind of wish I could forget. I have scars that still cause problems. But I like where I...
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    So who owns this shindig anyway?

    Braving the evil question to throw in my .02 for what it's worth. I agree that I think QR being brought back would encourage more of the short and quick (heh) replies that keep the forum busier and make threads feel more appreciated. Also, I second (third? whatever) the adding new mods...
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    Happy Birthday Qcumber!

    Looks like Q had a great time! Happy birthday!
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    Tulsa's First Conformation Show

    Congrats! Also, I like the impromptu win photo!
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    What's your strategy for walking multiple dogs?

    I don't tend to walk more than two at once because I don't like the idea of having more dogs than I have hands. When I do that, I have them on separate leads and, depending on the dogs, prong collars.
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    What do you wash with?

    Currently, a wash cloth. But I do like the harsher bath pouf things that I think Sparks is talking about. I feel like they do a better job of it.
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    Tell me about Houla-dogs

    Ask and ye shall receive! I'll start with DA since that seems to be pretty important to you. DA is pretty common in the breed. And the main problem is that these dogs are pretty darn serious overall. Boone, for instance... He can be a total clown, just ask Linds. Complete goofball. And I see...
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    Was I wrong?

    I do think the particulars are important. If this park doesn't say, "Yay! Bring all your dogs here and let them run around loose!" but also doesn't say "NO DOGS OR FUN ALLOWED," I don't think it's necessarily an assumption I'd make that there will be off-lead dogs there. Maybe this person was...
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    Was I wrong?

    Ditto Shai dittoing Linds. lol I disagree. Should you not take a dog out to the park for a nice walk because there MIGHT be someone there that lets their dog off-lead when they don't have control over them? Just because someone might ruin things for everyone doesn't mean your...
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    Low Cal decent/good food?

    Now Senior isn't too bad. I believe it's only 24% protein, which is a little lower than I like, but the quality is nice and the fat % and kcals should be low.
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    I'm in Recovery, not Rescue, but I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. ETA: Don't start doing anything with pine mushrooms until you decide what you want to do with SAR. It can cause issues down the road.
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    I think at that point you're saying the sport is more important than the dog. I get it (to some extent) for working dogs. LE specifically, but even SAR like I do. When it takes years and a ridiculous amount of money to certify, and you're doing that to serve the community and save lives (or, in...
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    Trick of the Week: Rebound!

    Agreed. If you're going to use a board or something similar, it'll just be basic targeting and maybe a "send out" in the beginning, which could be done on any surface.
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    Playing in the snow