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  1. blackmaskrott

    Birth Control, what do you use?

    Well, since I haven't slept with a man since 1995, I think it's safe to say that I'm pretty safe using nothing.:D When I was married (to a man), we were actively trying to get pregnant to no avail, resulting in multiple miscarriages, so no BC was used then either. I always wanted children...
  2. blackmaskrott

    Ruger is new UKC Champion

    Correction.....Oops sorry, I was in such a hurry copying and pasteing to get that post out. It was only one Reserve BIS for show #1 on sun. not show #2. Like I said the judge came up afterward and said that he didn't know the standard well enough, but that my dog was exceptional. Sorry for...
  3. blackmaskrott

    Ruger is new UKC Champion

    Oh, and to top off the already great day on Saturday, I also won a huge doggy gift basket in the raffle the club was holding at the show.
  4. blackmaskrott

    Ruger is new UKC Champion

    Just really quick post, but needed to brag. I went to my very first UKC show over the weekend with Ruger (Multi V rated, Can/ UCI Int'l CH., Redyre Weapon Of Choice, HIC, CGC (AKC ptd.)). We had a fantastic weekend. Here's how it broke down: Sat. show #1 - 1st in Junior males class, Best...
  5. blackmaskrott

    litter annoucement

    Filly, I'm having that problem too, with the pictures. If you right click on the red X and click of refresh or show picture it will come up, but you have to do each one individually. Also, I am super excited for the home we got for Clutch. The owner has 15+ years of Schutzhund experience and...
  6. blackmaskrott

    litter annoucement

    I would not have chosen to do back to back heats, but that was the requirement of the re-breed option. I have been told by experienced breeder mentors, my reg vet and the repo specialist that did the surgical AI, that it is fine. Actually the repo vet said it is easier on the bitch to do back to...
  7. blackmaskrott

    litter annoucement

    As some of you know, this pairing produce a singleton male puppy, Black Mask Carpe Diem (call name Clutch). Clitterboy Clutch was placed in an active working home and has already started with tracking and obedience and will be trained through his Schutzhund titles. We also have retained...
  8. blackmaskrott

    What do YOU say when someone tells you they're gonna breed?

    I am sitting on an email right now from a friend of a friend who is interested in breeding their rotties. Of course, "They are absolutely gorgeous..." and they've "wanted to breed for years..." and would I come and see their dogs and tell them what I think. The email goes on to saying that they...
  9. blackmaskrott

    WA meetup? [Blackmask, Romy, Redyre, Babyblue..]

    I will have Ruger at Puyallup June 6th & 7th and will have him at the UKC show in Chehalis on the 3oth and 31st of this month.
  10. blackmaskrott

    Oh yeah... Feeding raw is BAD

    All of my dogs easily go between holistic/organic kibble and raw. They are always fed muscle meat, vegie puree', kefir, and supplements/herbs regardless of a RMB meal or a kibble meal. They also get hard boiled egg, tripe and cottage cheese on occasion as an added treat. Mine also get large raw...
  11. blackmaskrott


    Well, Red has a grandson that chases a tail that isn't there. Ruger will go round and round chasing his butt. When he can't find his imaginary tail, he settles for hock biting. Of course that ends the session momentarily because it is very hard to chase that imaginary tail with one hind leg in...
  12. blackmaskrott

    Enter. Chat. Naw.

    okay I've clicked on the chat link and I get a message that "your are not in any room...." what does that mean and how do I chat. i'm not understanding. Is it not working? And I am using IE. Does that mean that I can't get in?
  13. blackmaskrott

    I get to go to see... in concert...

    Smexy, The Gorge at George, been there many times for concerts. Best venue in the world.
  14. blackmaskrott

    My own version of WOWZA

    Okay, I suck!! When I told Ruger to stand and look pretty like his brother, this is what I got. And when I told him to look at how it's done, this is what he did. We've had to take time off from showing to get caught up on bills and to work at the new property, but we should be...
  15. blackmaskrott

    If you've wondered.......

    This is the kennels side. The first photo is where the inside kennels wil be going with doggy doors going out to outdoor runs. This area will also have a counter and cupboards as well as a frig and a freezer for dog food, along the wall on the right hand side. The second and third...
  16. blackmaskrott

    If you've wondered.......

    what I've been up to and why I haven't been around for awhile, well we've been quite busy. For the last couple of months we've been busy at the new property. The road, power, and water were done the end of last summer. The barn was built in November, just in time for a serious winter. We were...
  17. blackmaskrott

    So Long, PeeWee

    So sorry for your loss. Rejoice in the fact that she will never feel pain again and will now be forever young. Our thoughts are with you. Ruger sends you kisses.
  18. blackmaskrott

    CKC and the JRT question

    Mer, not to start any kind of fight, but in Canada it is unlawful to sell a dog/puppy as "purebred" if it is not registered with the CKC (Candian Kennel Club), or at the very least, able to be registered with the CKC. This is the "Animal Pedigree Act" that Camp is talking about. There is...
  19. blackmaskrott

    Mikey's big adventure

    I'm so glad you found just the right place for him, but WOW!!! I don't know how you can do it. I know I hear from all my show friend about having too many "pets", blah blah blah, but how do people do it. Just like placing retired show and/or breeding dogs. Puppies, I'm okay with. I've done...
  20. blackmaskrott

    How do you find a good breeder?

    I have this on my site. Maybe it will help with all those abbreviations. black mask rottweilers titles