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    Bodhi Photos - 12 Weeks

    she is gorgeous, and growing so fast! I cant believe shes 12 weeks already!
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    Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    New Avvie!

    its really nice, i love it!
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    Just curious

    Thank you Melissa, that is exactly what i think, I used to "work hard" as puck said, at religion, attend church, etc, but after all the corruption I've seen in my local church (and worldwide, throughout religion) I dont feel the need to go to a house of God to worship, i can speak to God any...
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    Just curious

    I completely agree! I believe there's almost like a giant metal detector (you know like the ones you go through in the airport.) but its not a metal detector, more like a soul detector. If you are a genuinely good person, with a good heart, then you go to heaven, regardless of your religion, or...
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    Hi, From UK

    Hi Debbie, Im A Fellow Brit, Well Welsh Actually, But Its All The Same! I Have A Staffie Named Shadow, Shes In My Signature. What Are Your Dogs Names, Do You Have Any Pics?
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    How old are you?

    22, although most bars and clubs seem to think im 17, even supermarkets, cos they always ID me when I try to buy alcohol (the legal age is 18 in the UK)
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    Who is Who on here? *ALL PEOPLE POST!!!*

    here's a pic of me with shadow when she was 8 weeks. Name: Rachel Age: 22 Profession: Office Administraor for an Avionics Manufacturing company. Dogs: Shadow (Staffie) ages: 7 months
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    If fairy tales were real life...

    Shadow would be violet from the incredibles. Shy and secretive, but can kick but when she needs to.
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    PHOTOS of Bodhi @ 10 weeks

    she looks like she's having fun in one of the pics with the cat, do they get on ok?
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    PHOTOS of Bodhi @ 10 weeks

    OMG she is just the cutest thing. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!! I dont know which pic my fav is, I love the one where her tongue's out, but I think no. 11 is def my fav, such a good shot of her. She's grown so much! You can see the staffie in her, some of her poses, or her looks remind...
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    Word Association

    Cocktail-----> Tom Cruise.
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    Holiday pics, prepare to be bored......

    I would def go back. My favorite part, the walk down to battery park to catch the liberty island ferry. It was lovely, like living a different life for a while. And of course the shopping, we spent $1000 in one day in Macy's we spent 9hrs in there OMG! It was great thou. I highly reccomend it.
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    Unique Problem - Help Needed BADLY Please!!!

    I dont know what else to say. Sorry. I dont know if she will grow out of it. My shadow is 7 months old, and only recently house trained. I just watched her like a hawk. Shes been "almost" housetrained for months now, she started slipping a few weeks back, and i uped my "watching" I managed to...
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    Unique Problem - Help Needed BADLY Please!!!

    I think you just need to be persistant when your home with her. I think a lot of dogs left alone all day may have accidents. I know If I didnt have a doggie flap, shadow probably would, as I am in work all day like you too. There are a lot of posts about house training on the forum. One...
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    Pack of Dogs Kill Croc In Florida

    OMG that is soooo cute!
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    Texas Wolves???

    That made me laff, :D
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    Photo heavy, my little girl, not so little any more

    Shes black, brindle and white.......extra special!
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    Need your help!

    You can use shadow if you want, I havent got a picture of her standing up though. (United Kindgom) KC Registered Name: Princess Monique Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Female)
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    Texas Wolves???

    Im sorry, that is just wrong. Really wrong.