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  1. layzfuzzy

    PetComments Site

    I want to share with all of you a pet site that you could dig some info or review or read some interesting facts. Regularly updated and surely a good guide to every pet owner.
  2. layzfuzzy

    I want to do a cross breed

    Sorry, a very stupid and silly question here. How to do some cross breed? Is that possible? I mean like Shih Tzu mix with the Bulldog? Maybe kind of weird
  3. layzfuzzy

    CAT LOVERS UNITE!!! My own forum.

    Cat Lover here. I only have a stray cat type but I love her. But sometimes I just want to have some kind of rare breed like Siberian, Exotic short hair, Bengal, etc. But I guess each of that breed needs special care or need to know their special behaviour.
  4. layzfuzzy

    Rare breeds you've met and less rare breeds you haven't

    I'm not so well knowledge about dog breed, but does anybody know what kind of breed that could be so blend well with the cat? maybe about the same size or can live well with small apartment.
  5. layzfuzzy

    Newbie here

    I have a cat and my neighbour has a dog, so sometimes they get a long each other, and I think maybe I could find some dog breed that might be a good buddy to my cat, by the way I'm not finished reading some forum thread yet, maybe some answer already there. Sorry for my poor English
  6. layzfuzzy

    Newbie here

    Hello everyone, as a dog lover I guess I need to join this forum and participate within the community who share the same interest. Accidentally found this forum while searching something on the search engine.