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    Scottie Lover

    I have a 7 year old white Scottie who is my heart and best friend .We are togeather 24 - 7 He is a wonderful watch dog and very protective of me . He is my 4th Scottie. He is the first white one i have had,and he is beautiful.I was curious if any one else had a scottie and what do you think of...
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    What breed do you have?

    what breed do you have I have a scottish terrier .I think they are wonderful ! I have had 4 of them in my life time.3 black and 1 white .I have a white one now he is 4 and my baby .They are a lot of fun and very protective of his family.Loves walks and games and really loves to run .My scotty...
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'YEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW!!'

    I want one ! that is the cutest puppy iv'e seen in a long time . Thank you for sharing
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    Pet Insurance

    I firmly believe in pet insurance ! My last dog died from cancer and if it wasn't for the insurance ..i would had to put him down.The cost of the treatment was well over $1500. They paid for most of it .and I was able to keep my pup for 6 more months.I have VPI insurance and would never be...
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Super Puppy'

    what a sweetie
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Computer Whizz'

    Did I do that ? so cute
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Zion's Sun Devil'

    Beauty in motion.Love you're picture
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Kit bag hide'

    He is sure a cutie .
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Sparky's 2nd birthday'

    My scottie ( corey ) was 3 in March .They are so precious . I took him to Mc Donalds for his BD.He sure loved that hamburger pattie.
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    Frisky Pup

    Hidog Lovers , Was Wondering If There Is Any Terrier Lovers Out There. Scotish Terries .they Are My Favorite.
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Max, bouvier puppy at 6 weeks'

    What a sweet puppy. He is so cute.
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    Active pup

    How can i stop my dog from eating grass?Ive changed his diet ang started giving him vitamins.,But he still goes after the grass.He had a older dog who he worshiped teach him all about eating grass. aait would be ok if it was once i awhile ,but every time i have him out i have to stand over...
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    Hello everyone!Glad to have found this great site!

    Without a dog in our life how empty it would be,I cant imagine life witout a dog.I have had a dog for 30 years. Yes they tie you down ,but they are worth it.They are your friend thier whole life.A treasure not to be forgotten.The ones that are gone still live in my heart. Mary Jane ( scottie...
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'IMG_4652_Medium_'

    what a beauty.You must be proud
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Vicious'

    One look at that picture tells me why i love dogs .Too cute
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Temptation'

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    Hello everyone!Glad to have found this great site!

    Mary Jane Scottie Lover Hi,I am also new to this site ,cucould spend hours on it .I had a peke years ago he was14 when he passed away.What a great little dog they are.WE called him baby ,because he was my baby.Then i got a scottie dog and fell in love with that breed.I had 3 black ones and...