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    Onyx is 6 months!

    She is so pretty, what a stunning sweetheart!
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    The Dan Picture Thread

    All pups are adorable and innocent angels! You surely had good choice.
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    Doom needs vibes (graphic)

    That is so terrible, sending more vibes for faster recovery.
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    Grooming supplies for a dog with actual fur?

    We have slicker brush for the dogs, good especially for removing tangles and dead hair better. Mom at shelter got this new awesome tool, see here the medium one works best for most dog coats and it doing great for the dogs in shelter.
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    Beach Time!

    Those are great synchronized acrobatic jumps, love see energetic dogs performing together!
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    Mollie had a hurt eye

    Poor little girl, good to hear she's totally fine. Hope her eye get well soon into full clear vision..
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    Wild Dogs

    They are still adorable showing their wild side! Good forest for adventure..
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    Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Rider Man!

    Great fun on your gotcha day Rider, best of luck for your next year's bigger adventure! :D
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    Anyone know if toads are toxic to dogs?

    Yes, most toads are not toxic, in fact I saw some shows/documentaries and people even cook and eat some species that usually caught in the farms. Keep you dog away, especially from colorful and small ones..
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    $53 Billion on pets

    I saw this article the other day and thought to share: With new foster dog coming, we had higher expenses this year. It seems more people are getting pet lover..
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    My Mia - Osteosarcoma

    That is so heartbreaking to hear, so sorry. Definitely always put her happiness and comfort first when you decide, sending more prayers and vibes.
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    Good Vibes for Skye?

    More vibes and prayers coming your way, hoping for smooth op and faster recovery for Skye..
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    Allergy testing

    I have no idea but how she's doing so far? Does she try to scratch her body? Right dosage of benadryl could help, there is also an itch relieving cream for temporary solution.
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    OMG!!!! This is so Funny? Sad? LMAO

    Very nice trick, he must so bored waiting for chew treats! :rofl1:
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    Share - Great pet items

    It is so hot here and we needed some few stuffs to relieve the exhausting heat and this site is so great with their discounts and free shipping deals Check them at We got cooling beds for Chloe and portable waterer and feeder for our incoming road...
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    E-collars for feet issues

    Sorry for this crappy idea but instead of dog's "doom cone of shame", is there any kind of cone for the foot? :D
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    Human health issues are being improved by dogs

    Indeed, but dogs can do more for humans, check this out this infographic: amazing benefits of having a dog
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    Going on a road trip to Vancouver-advice, tips NEEDED!!

    Sounds like a good trip but does the pup is comfortable on traveling for hours? Practice now so the dogs will get used too, some dog experience motion sickness. You already got good tips and list stuffs from Torch but I wanted to add to make sure your dogs will be properly restrained in the...
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    My Dog the Burglar Alarm...

    What a relief, he is surely a very brave dog!
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    Doberman Family Photo

    She is surely picking up so fast with the big guys! Happy doberman family picture, good for a portrait..