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  1. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Boomer's Depressed

    I don't think there are any real breeders around here...only backyard. I was thinking of like a lab or something though.
  2. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Boomer's Depressed

    I'm not sure. I want to get a puppy because it'll be easier to train and so I know exactly where its coming from. I want to meet the mom and dad and see how they are. I don't want to have to worry about another genetic illness.
  3. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Motorcycle help

    Do you want a cruiser or a sport bike? If you want a sports bike I'd recommend a Ninja 250. Don't know anything about
  4. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Boomer's Depressed

    I know we'll get through this but I just feel so bad for Boomer right now. He pretty much lost the dog that taught him everything. All he does is sleep and follow me around. He used to just follow Carry around. I really need to get some money and find another puppy.
  5. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Boomer's Depressed

    Ever since I had Carry put down, Boomer has been so depressed. I can't seem to cheer him for longer than 5 minutes at a time. He's matured so much these last 2 days its scary. I miss that hyper pup I used to have. Right now I'm not in the financial position to just go and get another puppy as a...
  6. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Shed Ender

    Hah, you know what...that is exactly what it looks like. I need to go buy one of those.
  7. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Shed Ender

    Has anyone used this product? Does it work? here is a link
  8. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Its Over now

    Its funny cuz I though I would be so depressed but I'm thinking of all the amazing times I've had with that stubborn little runt and it doesn't hurt anymore. It was just his time and it would've been selfish of me to make him suffer and that just gives me peace. I'll probably getting a new dog...
  9. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Its Over now

    Amen to that blue. I'm doing the same. :) As long as he's always in my heart he's never really gone.
  10. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Carry, my miniature dachshund.

    Carry was my best friend for these past nine years. Been with me through 3 different houses and 2 different states. He always a stubborn little guy but I loved the hell out of him. I'm glad I was with him till the end and as peacefully went into a forever rest. It gives me peace knowing that he...
  11. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Its Over now

    I just did what I had to do and Carry is now gone. I'm not going to grieve. I've had some amazing times with that stubborn little guy. I'm so glad I got to have him in my life these past 9 years. It gives me peace knowing he is no longer in pain. I was with him, holding him and loving him as he...
  12. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    I have to put my dog down

    The vet said its an option but not a good quality of life for him and his age makes it so that after all the surgery probably wouldn't help him at all. He said that everything is just going to go downhill from here. I can't have my dog suffering.
  13. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    I have to put my dog down

    Renee you've been one of the people that have helped me so much ever since I came on to this forum from changing my dog's diet to helping him in general. Thank you so much. I've had some great times with Carry and now I guess its time for him to go. I'll just have to let go even though it...
  14. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    I have to put my dog down

    I haven't been on in a while but yesterday my 9 year old miniature dachshund hurt his back pretty bad or something. Something herniated and now he can't use his rear legs and the vet said that the best choice for me would be to him down. Hardest choice I've ever made but I can't let him suffer...
  15. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    My all time favorite movie in the whole world!

    I haven't posted in a while but I have to say, This movie is amazing. =)
  16. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    ID my dog please!

    I see a Chihuahua with a little dachshund.
  17. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    Gas Prices and teens

    I hate gas prices. Made me sell my beautiful truck and get a stupid compact car. Atleast I have a bunch of money in my pocket.
  18. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    The flu is here

    I just had the flu. Got over it in a day thanks to Airborne and this stuff I found called oscillococcinum. Its by a company called Boiron and this stuff did wonders. It cleared me up within 2 hours of taking it. You just let it dissolve in your mouth and it tastes just like sugar. Try it out...
  19. shredhead (DOG LOVER)

    The Official "Song stuck in my head" Thread

    I've had Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N Roses stuck in my head for the last 8 years of my life.