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    gov can control all communcations in an emergency.

    Seriously lol'd a bit at this.
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    Ahhhh Petz...that's where Laurelin and I met xD
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    Another Thread About Heats

    My little bitch Mirada came in 3 days before her first birthday. If she was whelped from a mother with silent heats, she, too could have silent heats.
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    What is your secret breed?

    Giant Schnauzer or English Cocker Spaniel.
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    Questions about German Shepherds

    All of this, especially the bolded, gave me a good laugh. I'm NOT laughing at you, so let me be clear about that! My big male, Strauss, is about as velcro and affectionate as they come in regards to me and my husband. Our little bitch, Mirada, is the same. Strauss is very much MY dog, and...
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    My dogs (Heavy Pictures!)

    ^^What Jess said Indeed. And I've got an intact male and female here that have not been allowed to breed. They're both purebred GSDs, but weren't meant for breeding to each other, and I keep them properly separated when my girl is in heat.
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    "Wave" - from a sitting position

    My Strauss both gives a foot (not the same as high five) and "waves". They are two separate tricks, even if they use the same general action, so I trained them that way. Stay is implied, regardless of whether I ask for "foot" or "wave". I actually used a target stick initially to get him to...
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    Retriever Training

    But can they make it over the meter jump? THAT'S the question! LOL! Ok, I'll stop harassing you in your thread now :D
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    Retriever Training

    You could just do schutzhund with your Toller, since there's so much info out there about it xD!
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    Oh hai Grace!

    Oh hai Grace!
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    Is anyone familiar with Caucasian Ovcharka?

    They're beautiful, but they're one of VERY few breeds that terrify the crap out of me
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    It's official....

    Not gonna lie. I lol'd
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    *sigh* looking at Golden breeders.

    This is a breeder I can recommend Welcome to Summit Golden Retrievers
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    Tracking pictures

    Well I'm glad others besides me think he's handsome! Wouldn't do a darn thing in a show ring :D Sure did me proud shopping during black Friday though!
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    Tracking pictures

    Thanks ^_^ He thinks he's handsome too!
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    Who says you can't protest a puppy store.

    Hey, Laur has had a GSD xD!
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    dog training

    Well the answer would be the same way you train any other dog. With patience kindness and consistency. And if you have a 1 month old GSD, you got him too young...
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    Who says you can't protest a puppy store.

    LOL! His Tongue is HUGE!!!
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    Who says you can't protest a puppy store.

    I want to watch The Princess Bride now
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    Who says you can't protest a puppy store.

    Prices are high because she bothers to TEST her dogs, unlike the person you bought your dog from. OFAs, whelping supplies, and schutzhund trials ain't cheap!