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    Backyard Chickens?

    We live out in the woods and our neighbors have chickens (quite a few hens and two roosters). They are allowed to roam around free and are constantly running amok on our property (which means we might as well have them, too, haha). Since their arrival, we have way less ticks and other bugs...
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    Suggest a Breed for Me!

    Okay, gotcha! :) ...hehe!
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    Signature Issues?

    Bumping this up, as I am having the same issue. Is it related to being a newly registered member or low post count? I am trying to upload a photo into my signature and receive the same message as Buhund_Mom, "cannot save image." My image is smaller than the requirements of 500 x 100. It...
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    Massachusettes/New England Meetup!

    Hi there! I am new the forum and am interested in meeting up at some point. Will be keeping my eye on this thread, as well. We are in NH, beginning of the lakes region. There are quite a few places to walk dogs near us...Northwood (Northwood Meadows State Park), Durham (Wagon Hill Farm)...
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    Suggest a Breed for Me!

    I agree, GSD. Why do you second guess yourself? If you already haven't, maybe spend some quality time around german shepherds and pick the brain of their keepers. Or, maybe even volunteer with a rescue. For our girl, the physical exercise combined with a mental challenge is what really...
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    Greetings from NH!

    A great big hello to you all from NH. We are newbies to the Chazhound dog forum - introducing myself and our three dogs...two senior Golden Retrievers and one adult German Shepherdess. Although I totally adore our Goldies, for me, the sun rises and sets on our amazing GSD girl (she is my...