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    breeder lookup??

    It's almost guaranteed that your puppy came from a puppy mill...about 90-95% of puppies in pet stores are products of such large-scale breeding operations. Please don't beat yourself now know what you didn't know then, and quite frankly, you'll probably never know your pup's exact...
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    What breeds are common where you live?

    Lots of labs and lab mixes, pitties, and "designer" smaller breeds as well, here.
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    What owning your breed says about YOU.

    25. Basset Hound – Many Basset hound owners are laid back and enjoy the comforts of home. They have lots of great traits but are never considered overly neat or meticulous. The like to sleep in and waking up early can be a struggle. Basset owners enjoy being silly and making others laugh but can...
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    Cat forums?

    Another huge plug for I've been a member for years...and it's the nicest bunch of cat fancier's on the web!
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    My new puppy

    Awww...he's a cutie! He looks great, and seems like a healthy, active pup! :)
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    Found Cat....Help ASAP!

    I'm so glad to hear he found his family! Most kitties aren't this lucky! How did they actually find you? Or did you find them?
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    A puppymiller is being sued

    Go to for a few sickening anecdotes about Wizard of Claws from former employees, and also people who have purchased their puppies from this place. It's an eye-opener.
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    A puppymiller is being sued

    In any case, whatever can be tried, should be tried...I've heard of Wizard of Claws before, and they are something akin to Petland, and all of the other larger retailers that sell puppies in their stores. 90-95% of their puppy "stock" will almost always come from puppy mills. It's sick, wrong...
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    Found Cat....Help ASAP!

    Awww...I'm a self-professed kitty queen!!! I've owned and loved cats long before dogs, and besides my current 3 doggies, I also own 3 cats!!! Equal opportunity pet-owner, here! :) This kitten is closer to the 4 month mark, and could easily be neutered NOW. As long as he's larger than 4...
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    flea and tick meds

    Well, in any case, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't use the Hartz 4 in 1 drops on your doggie. They are extremely toxic, and many dogs have become gravely ill, and have actually died from the use of Hartz flea products. As far as natural flea preventatives, I know that Brewer's yeast + garlic...
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    Decorating With Pets

    I don't know, I think if you keep in mind that you're decorating to CELEBRATE the essence of your pet, you could really have some fun with it. No, I wouldn't attempt to match my human children to my home decor, because, well...they're PEOPLE!!! And that's just not really how I choose to...
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    Old Puppymiller Ovcharkas

    Exactly. I'm not sure what she's expecting to gain from her "plea" for sympathy, but there are many, many people who would have liked to see her locked up, with the key tossed in a far-away river.
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    Old Puppymiller Ovcharkas

    Just googled "Anna Frumina", and I must say, it is quite shocking. She even purchased her own domain name, and is "playing the victim", claiming to be the target of an internet hate campaign. Well...can you blame those involved in that??? Are people supposed to feel sorry for a person who is...
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    World dog show Brag Pic

    Marvelous, dog!!! A hefty congratulations to both of you on your wonderful achievements! :)
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    Oh no :(

    That's a shame. Now every little girl is going to want that signature Disney purse with a real "matching" chi. And chi's will be bred, and bred, and then later dumped in shelters. Not trying to be a pessimist, but, I can almost see what direction this will take. :(
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    New pics of the pups

    They are darling!!! Looks like they're waving "hello, world!" to the camera!!! :)
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    Ok, Whisper doesn't get the point of the ignore, or chase me thing!

    It really sounds like you're doing fine with Whisper...puppies can present all sorts of frustrations, just like young children! Really, that's how it is best to view puppies, I believe. They like to explore, play, test, and push your boundaries, just as kids do! As long as you remain a strong...
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    Energy drinks/Caffiene OK for my doggie?

    The only fluid your dog needs is water, and that's all. And I support what everyone else has mentioned about Pedigree...I myself used to feed this food, and while nothing really awful resulted from it, my dogs have done SOOOO much better on Canidae. They have nicer coats and skin, have lost...
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    Basset Hound and ?????

    I see either dobie or shephard. This doesn't look like a basset/lab mix to me...the markings are too different. "Bassadors" (ack!!!) are becoming fairly common, unfortunately, and this dog doesn't look like this type of mix.
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    Ok, Whisper doesn't get the point of the ignore, or chase me thing!

    When you're talking about ignoring her, I assume it's when she's nipping or biting. Does she have a "safe room" or area that you're keeping her in right now? I too have a new puppy, Rita (basset hound), who can get quite nippy when she's over-stimulated. When she places her mouth on my skin...