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    If you could only have one breed...

    Trying to decide between a Beauceron , German Shepherd or Lab--- and it's not easy , they all have traits that the others don't and I need all of them in one dog.
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    My dog has bad yeast allergies and he's been put on a steroid shot once a month,also has medicated shampoo for baths once a week. Sometimes he has a relapse but not too often unless he eats something he shouldn't. Right now he's on raw bison that I pick up at the pet store, has all the...
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    Colors and Collars

    Fushia pink and black on a white dog with black patches.
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    I voted Maddex, love the name.
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    Do you go on vacation?

    We never leave our dogs no matter where we go. If we spend some time in Florida to get away from the cold we bring them along, they need a break too. I could never enjoy myself if my dogs were left behind. Our relatives are spread around and some are quite far away , we bring the dogs when we...
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    Brody is not doing good.

    I'm so sorry you had to go through this but be assured you did the kindest thing for Goldiefur and he did know it. Our dogs rely on us to make that final decision to keep them from suffering.
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    Vibes? Please?

    What a sad thing to have happen. Vibes sent to you and will keep her in my prayers.
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    Slight rant about apartment living.

    Maybe the world is changing but we lived in an apt for the first two yrs we were married and our neighbours on the next floor had kids that we hardly ever heard .Even in our own house I didn't allow any loud yelling or banging around. They could laugh and play but in decent tones , heck I didn't...
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    Just because we can doesn't mean we should

    Pugs with their few wrinkles have to be cleaned every day so they won't get irritations in the folds of skin-- can you imagine what these dogs must go through...ugh...
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    Who lets their BIG dogs sleep on the bed?

    My dogs will for some unknown reason always go to their on beds when bedtime rolls around. I toss and turn too much, they like their own space and so do I.
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    Best answer yet...thanks for posting my thoughts.
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    Apparently I'm in a small dog phase.

    That is so funny - after years of owning only large dogs we have a tiny terrier and now wondering if we should stick to the small breeds...wonder if we're getting older and the smaller ones are easier to care for?
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    Who's the No. 1 Guard Dog?

    I voted the German shepherd dog because they are fabulous companions and friendly (if the breeding is a good one) But theses dogs will recognize the need to protect their home if the need arises. That being said I think all dogs that are treated with affection and love and get the proper...
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    Rolling on things they like?

    Thought it was just ours doing this but maybe all terriers do this. I know ours goes nuts rolling on top of her "special" toys. It's hilarious to watch.
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    Unsafe Web Site Warnings

    Had only once last week, hasn't happened since.
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    Humping: opinions??

    I consider it very rude if the owner doesn't stop it. Not only does it show dominance on the humping dog's part, but some dogs object strongly to this and it can lead to nasty fights. If it's between two doggie friends done as play behaviour and both owners don't mind then I guess it would be...
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    What color is this?

    Not too sure about the colour but I'm sure of how cute this wee pup is...adorable whatever the colour.
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    How obsessive is too obsessive?

    I think you're lucky to have a dog who finds such entertaining ways to keep itself busy. Sounds like this dog could do wonders in agility , almost sounds like it could be trained for Sars regardless of the size. This dog sounds like it's mind is always busy, lucky you, self sufficient dog.
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    How much would you be willing to pay for a dog?

    It would depend on the dog and the lineage of the dog, also the breeder. A first time breeder I don't bother with but a breeder with a reputation behind it and references from other happy buyers I would pay up to $5000. That would ensure the guarantees and the dog's health for the life of the...
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    What do you see in this image?

    I saw them inside, but thought there was a palm tree I could see outside a window.