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  1. MandyPug

    Winter wonderland

    I feel like I know that coolie... Or maybe just his parents. Is he from Avalon? Great photos too, I always love seeing your work :)
  2. MandyPug

    How many chazzers have you met?

    When I go I'm not sure where I'll be going 100%, Lismore and Byron Bay in NSW for sure as I have friends 'round there but haven't planned much else.
  3. MandyPug

    How many chazzers have you met?

    Uhh I've met... Toller_08 Krissy ... That's it? I think? Sorry if I forgot anyone, I have a poor memory in general lol.
  4. MandyPug

    How many chazzers have you met?

    Where in Aus are you? May be planning a trip there for next fall if i can save enough money.
  5. MandyPug

    Breeders and Registered Names

    Chef is "Kennelname Hidden Treasure", his call name was Griffin and the breeder registered him as such but approved me calling him Chef for his call name. If it were up to me he would've been "Kennelname Michelin Star" but I didn't really pick him, he was given to me at roughly 3.5-4 months old...
  6. MandyPug

    The Venting Thread

    I got diagnosed with a Panic Disorder. I'm on medication now. I know it'll take some time to kick in but I am so just not okay right now. It feels like I can't fully exhale. I just want to not be homeless, I want my life to be back to happy times, I just need to universe to cut me a break...
  7. MandyPug

    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Chefy Boy at 6 months old. He's around 13" tall and about 15lbs I think. He's such a good boy too.
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    Well we all knew this would happen.
  9. MandyPug

    If anyone could help us - An update on me and the Pups

    Hey guys, I know this is going to come off as a bit douchey but I'm running out of options. The dogs and I have recently relocated to a city 2 hours away. I needed to get out of my hometown and further my career experience. I had originally anticipated my boyfriend moving to this city with...
  10. MandyPug

    What are you currently feeding?

    They have a mix of Pacifica, Grasslands, Go Venison, Go Chicken, Go Lamb, Now Adult Small Breed, and Now Adult regular bite (all the petcurean is free samples from nationals lol had about 25lbs of it) On top of that they get raw bones and chicken necks etc. ETA: Also got a free bag of...
  11. MandyPug

    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Just some Chef from the other day. He's coming along nicely with his foundations training despite me not having him full time yet. Can't wait for him to move in! So close! And with "Uncle Fitz" the JRT. He's about 12" tall at the shoulder right now at 5 months and I'm not...
  12. MandyPug

    The Cutest Terrier Ever

    Nope, I'm not. But these are all on Instagram under the hashtage "#prt" which if you have an interest in Parsons (which you do for obvious reasons) would probably show up on your explore function :) I'm new the the PRT world and also new to the well bred registered dogs world haha, thank god for...
  13. MandyPug

    The Cutest Terrier Ever

    Spent the day with the puppy again. Have a job interview soon so fingers cross that i'll get hired and then I can get the moving process going!!! He's almost 5 months and his first show that's worth points is going to be in November! So excited :) I'm not showing...
  14. MandyPug

    The Culinary Canine

    I had an interview up in the city north of us and decided to take Chefy along and did some bits of puppy foundation training with both him and Izzie. He is so smart and thoughtful, he is really doing awesome can't wait to see how we progress as a team!
  15. MandyPug

    The Culinary Canine

    Thanks guys! He's pretty freakin' cute and I adore him. He went to show this past weekend with his breeder in baby puppy (no points given) and he earned a best baby puppy in group! So cool! I don't have photos yet but I'm picking him up tomorrow to come for an adventure. No new pics as of...
  16. MandyPug

    Which dog breed would you rather own

    JRT of course. Pug or Pekingese
  17. MandyPug

    How much do you spend on dinners out?

    For a sit down dinner at my restaurant including drinks, tax, and tip you're generally looking at $40-50 and that's a mid range not hella fancy place without ordering an appetizer or dessert. My three course menu alone this weekend is $35 inclusive without drinks, the entree is about $25ish...
  18. MandyPug

    The Culinary Canine

    He's about 13ish weeks now. I can't remember his exact birthday. He wasn't exactly planned but he found me and kept worming his way into my life so I finally said yes to him lol.
  19. MandyPug

    The Culinary Canine

    So he's mine. He will be staying with the breeder until I move and he can officially come home but until then he comes and plays with me occasionally and spends time on roadtrips such as the week long roadtrip to AAC agility nationals! Anyway, here's a photo dump of the Parson Russell...
  20. MandyPug

    The dog musing/vent thread

    THAT IS SO ADORBS! The puppy my breeder is keeping is named after a hockey player. His name is Tuukka. He's kind of an asshole, very angry puppy, fitting for a dog named after anyone who plays for the Bruins. My puppy is named Chef, I got looks of "that's so adorbs!" to "that's so...