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  1. AussieAshley

    More cloudy solitary cottonball

    Gotta love that aussie smile.
  2. AussieAshley

    Aussie fun: Journey + Friends

    I adore Journey she is beautiful and just looks like such a fun dog. I'm also a fan of black bi aussies, neat looking dogs.
  3. AussieAshley

    Cricket photo dump with some new collars

    Those collars are stunning and I adore that tag!
  4. AussieAshley

    Beauty and the Beast

    Teagan is as adorable as ever and it's always nice to see another properly 'scruffy' westie. I don't check in with chaz nearly enough, Pan looks HUGE and very huggable!
  5. AussieAshley

    How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

    Average is every three days, shampoo and conditioner. My hair is super thick and takes hours to dry naturally and my natural curls are a disaster to blowdry so the less I can wash it the better. I usually throw some dry shampoo up in it on the third day and avoid any styling products the rest of...
  6. AussieAshley

    The puppy newbie!

    Ah the fluff and that tiny little nub, what an adorable little pup!
  7. AussieAshley

    Bus at beach

    You have some really great shots there!
  8. AussieAshley

    The Duo

    I love the name Pike! Cute pair of pups.
  9. AussieAshley

    The Zuminator, The Renegator and The New Kid

    EEEEEkkk ACDs! Where have I been. Renegade is beautiful!
  10. AussieAshley

    Trail Etiquette

    Eh, if Im out for a hike it is typically because I am sick of people and need a break. So I pretty well ignore most people. If they smile, nod, or say hi I return the gesture, but I sure as heck am not going to go out of my way to initiate contact. The exception being if they have a dog, then a...
  11. AussieAshley

    Little Bit of Limit

    I love the sunrise shots, all totally framable!
  12. AussieAshley

    Tulah Tallulah, 17 weeks

    She really does look like a tiny little adult, no gangly puppy stageness at all. What a pretty pup!
  13. AussieAshley

    Snapshot from your day

    I really love this shot
  14. AussieAshley

    Ears half deployed, Kobe's Peace Pipe

    Ack she is adorable! I keep telling myself I don't need another bc but all the adorable bc babyness on chaz all of the sudden is breaking me.
  15. AussieAshley

    To all the people with border collies puppies...

    When did she get so big! The captions are perfect
  16. AussieAshley

    Riding in the Car

    Loose, as I'm usually not the one driving and both will sit politely in the back, Radar typically sleeps in the car regardless of how hard he tries to stay awake. If i am driving occasionally Radar is harnessed as he likes to use my lap as a booster seat to see out the window, but very rarely.
  17. AussieAshley

    Poodle in the park

    He is so handsome, I like that cut on him.
  18. AussieAshley

    Outlaw's new collar :)!

    That color pops beautifully against a black coat, love it!
  19. AussieAshley


    I agree with all of this. A lot of times they do fall into the hands of owners looking for an easy pretty little lap dog like Maggie in the commercials and get a little more than they bargain for. They are less 'terrier-ish-' than many terriers, but terriers none-the-less. Radar was exactly...
  20. AussieAshley

    What's the rarest dog breed you've met?

    I met a Briard last week and was pretty excited, I don't think they are super rare but I have never seen one around before.